New event! 20% sale of premium boxes

is the boxes still buffed?


Yes! Time to crack some nuts!

Yep its buffed


I’ll make a video about it !

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I just got Swoop!

Wait should i use it?

I wait because @JustAndromedaInShape could have a lot of luck and the box could suck :wink:



But i wont feed it cause i need it for collection

for an heat mech with a lot of energy yes with abomination and supreme canon maybe :wink:

Wish they released a schedule so I’d know when to safe ;-;

nah… dont use swwop

you need more energy but it could be a great drone :wink:

Well hey I got a new weapon Delerium. American spelling is different

Swoop is more phys then it is heat

ALL of you are so lucky.
I bought 2 premium packs.
1 all epics
Other one just disappeared!
AND they debited my tokens

Nah ill just use Nemo.
He is going to be my fav heat drone now.

Could you pls promote urself as bpow number 2?
K ty

Wow 4 legy.