New entertaining names for items

It will be cool if we had like new season names that type of stuff

what do you mean i dont get it

are you still here:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

What I mean are like new and entertaining names for the weapons

i agree lettes make a poll

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  • Want entertaining names
  • Don’t want enteraining names

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if you don’t like say why

i did it made it ready to go take the poll

It’s okay it would just sound cool and funny give me your ideas

what kind of names?
like “gustav”, “big bertha” or “anzio annie”…?
(if you know what i am talking about…:expressionless:…)

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Oh hey, Big Bertha. I remember that weapon.

you are OLD!!!..:rofl:

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Yeah, I’ve been playing since 2013.:slightly_smiling_face:

yes…i understand…:slight_smile:

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this is “big bertha”…:wink:



Renaming weapons just for some time would be annoying for ppl who don’t know all weapons names

Idk just sounds cool :neutral_face:

I don’t like cause… Well, i don’t Like.

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Ok that’s all right with me

It would just cause confusion between players.

I did not think of that​:sleepy::sleepy: