New Energy Guns and Multiplayer campaign

I hope new Energy Guns because its boring when not have guns what steal enemys energys (like: have 0-100 energy and gun steals 40 energy with one shoot) but it have only 3 uses because guns legacy is legendary. Gun shoots any 2 blue and electric balls and damage is only 70-160 Ele Dmg. Guns place is upper slot.

I hope you like this idea and sorry that my old idea (mychicals back and more uses!) is stupid idea.

Multiplayer campaign Works like real battles but it have tanks and real players mechs.
Campaign be have level of difficulty and players Rank.
Player can edit campaign and add tanks.

(My name is not means kondom)

There is NO mythical item in this version of sm. you can only acquire by transformation.
yes it was in prior version but in this version most valuable item is legendary followed by epic, rare, common.


I think I see what @zGondor400z means…
He doesn’t talk about Reloaded myths, but Legacy one (like Metal Bender, Electricon, Repair Drone Mk I and II, and so on…) to come back…there is still some of them who doesn’t have a new version, like the ones I told…^^
At least in my opinion…

just some of legacy items could be used and be competitive in certain ranks,
almost every new item that can be evolved to mythical its better than legacy being only in legendary quality
and theyre way easier to get now

i know its hard
but let em go, leave ur wounds heal, stop damaging urself trying to bring back a dead past