New energy and phys torsos?


Someone in my clan was talking about new torsos with the same sprite as MPV but for energy and phys, but they said they didn’t have the link to where they saw them anymore.

Can anyone confirm that these items are in the works and provide any info you can?


@KilliN made MPV so he should have some info about that…


I want an energy version because my windguy won’t cut it.


There is a energy already, just isnt released yet and physical might be to op


Electric, probably.
Physical, I don’t know.

The electric version is pretty bad thought, It’s stats are like Sith, but heavier. I hope they change.


Oh rip.


I’m sure the electric resistance will be 44?


Same hp as naga, but just more res, cause the heat and nrg cap are worse…


Just for more resistance? That’s a trash stats.




Worse heat than Naga, worse energy than Naga, same health, more weight, and for what? It doesn’t even have good energy resistance. I need a torso that’s a good energy counter.


You don’t need energy resistance to counter electrics, because when you’re drained, all the energy damage transforms in direct damage ignoring your resistance.

Focus in capacity.


I just realized it has the exact same stats the MPV has but reversed. Why did we think it was bad again?


But electric resistance does help reduce the damage before you are drained, so it’s still useful.



Some extra regen help you Anytime!

And your energy wont last so long VC EMP, Sniper, Ash, Bunkers


Energy lacks both

  • A Superheavyweight torso like Zarkares or Archimonde
  • A L/M torso of any kind.

It just makes sense to make a 360+ kg energy torso that drops at legend and has good HP and energy.


I would like at least 1-2 phys trosos.
Why tf would TS give heats lots of trosos?

I do get it it’s because of heat love but it’s not enough.


The torso was originally designed as an energy torso,but the devs modified it after they bought it fron KilliN.
Haven’t heard or seen any physical version of it though…


Wait…They also implemented the eelctric version?


It’s not out of love,I think it’s because most use heat torsos on their heaters and even physicals and electrics.
You know,it’s better compansated using the other type of modules (generally engines and/or cooling boosters) on a heat torso that provides both heat and hp.