New DRONE Released!



drone shooted 312 damage on the 30lvl :boom:


Nice remix there!

Too bad I can’t ever get it due to the inventory limit.


That’s because it is!


Yes it’s still very strong. :ok_hand:t6: :love_you_gesture:t6::ok_hand:t6:

That was still problem some time ago…

maybe even now for someone.


As you may not have noticed, that post was made some time ago as well.


Yup, only some couple months ago. :innocent:


Let us continue this discussion, shall we?
I’ll start

Face Shocker is too op. Nerf it to 1 use and deal only 10 damage at max myth
Remove energy resistance driain too. Oh, and make it weigh 1000 kg


NeCrObUmP dEtEcTed

Why tho. Why bump this for no reason? smh


leave the face shocker like this please


bunch of crybabies


Face shoocer is op and it should stay so.

Make such op drone for heat now :smiley:







I dont know.
Why 20 charakter ?

Why @discobot ?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot fortune

Is Faceshocker too op?


:crystal_ball: Yes