New DRONE Released!



Increased droprate

These item updates should come with the base item’s stats, so we have a rough idea of what it does.


Reminded me of the “Parasyte” drone from the classic SM


and here she is, what a beauty.


Looks like a beefed up version of the Windforge.
If my guestimates are right( you get +1 energy drain for evry 5 lvl of upgrade), it should be around 75-76 drain fully fuse max mythical.
3 uses… wow… maybe it gets more when mythical.
Altho 8-9 should be enough for a fight. This little sucker pack quite the punch, that res drain also, should get around -9 to maxed myhtical?


Be careful for that green dot…

“3 Uses”

Ayy Lmao

Please tell me that was a mistake, and not intentional.


I’ll put my second mech on hold and post stats in the max myth thread when I get them if I’m not beaten to it.


Only energy version? Heat version exist?


Might be more uses at legendary and mythical.

I wouldn’t know it’ll take me about 8 months to get a maxed mythical.


I’m not buying boxes because I can’t hold any more items. I only have around 40 items in my inventory but with the items on my mechs counting against me I can’t hold them.

WE keep getting promised a solution to inventory limits - and this solution is simply another “lets push it off for a couple of weeks with a timer” and then let the timer lapse with NO SOLUTION.

Inventory Limit Issue

Just to explain the drone a bit since it’s the first time we employ one with such mechanic.
This is a high damage drone but after 3 uses it auto-disable itself and you need to turn it on again (another action point).

You can, how ever, re-activate it as many times as you want after the auto-disable and every activation it will have 3 new uses.

Pick A Drone Guys

thanks for the explanation, btw why the update announcement didn’t come with the new item detail?


Could you guys add a heat and physical version of it? and maybe increase the item capacity?

Energy Strikes Back
Will i get this both prizes?

ThAtS tOo OvErPoWeReD tHo


That writing is so annoying. Why don’t you stick with lower case? :sweat_smile:


iT mAkEs Me LoOk ReTaRtEd.

bEcAuSe I aM


Still can’t open any boxes.

Another sale for halloween, and can’t open boxes so won’t buy them.


Same here and it will be a long long time before I will be getting anything from premium if ever with how this new system is working…
pay more to get less :angry:



Also I’m Bumbing The Thread

STATISTICS ON THIS DRONE !??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?


No one has this Drone MAXED or even upgraded?

So that means no one else has this drone it’s that rare no STATS??