New drone- Forged Iron

Weight-28 kg
Only 3 use’s
2 knock back
7 phys resist drainage

what about the cost?
cause this just sounds like a weaker void

First off.
And thats not a terrible idea.
I would remove the knockback and put it on the damage :stuck_out_tongue:

You just find it in item boxes

The energy/heat costs.

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-11 electric cost

+11 heat cost

Weaker? void without arena buff does like 180-190 dmg lol

I would like to see this idea for a Heat Mech… you could call it Kinetic Blast

I love the Knockback and 3 use limit
I’d put it more in line to be a competitor to Nemo

Wt 42kg, 97-141 ExDmg, 36 HeatDmg, -5ExRes, 2 Knockback. 0/31 Cost

It becomes a tough decision between the Knockback and 5ExRes vs the 12 Max Heat damage

Welcome to the forums. I don’t think knockback on a drone is gonna be viable. It’s too out of the norm for devs to consider, plus would only sit well with very particular builds. Knockback is also counter productive to most phys mechs …if it’s a phys drone.

Keep the ideas flowing though.

Enjoy your time here :slightly_smiling_face:

i guess push mechs (any kind) would benefit from it

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exactly, this drone is like a weaker void (by a lot)
high draining tho :ok_hand:

An auto-push-2-effect for 3 rounds?
And that drone is supposed to deal effective damage as well?

Not happening below 150 kg for the drone.
30 kg for the drone damage
60 kg for the push 2 back effect
60 kg for the auto repetition of that push 2 back effect

Somehow I get the feeling this drone was suggested by a user of The Claw who needs to have an additional push effect to get the opponent’s mech into long range for Spartan after he already used his utility items to move and has no more push weapon shot left.
E.g.: Dual Spartan + Mercy on The Claw -> the opponent managed to get the physical mech to use his utility items up and Mercy 3 times and now stands with his mech comfortable in distance 2 where the physical mech cannot hit anymore except for the drone.

this sounds more like you are being cheap (or in this case… expensive)

You must think like this:
2 push effect EVERY round on EVERY distance - drone has reach infinity = 1-9 (complete arena).

Furthermore you activate it once and the opponent will be pushed back by 2 spaces EVERY round afterwards automatically for the round it is used and 2 following rounds.
That is like getting a free move 2 spaces back EVERY round for the drone user.

Additionally uses on drones can be renewed by re-deploying.
So unlike a push weapon that will be used up after the 1-3 uses it has the drone will regain its uses with that re-deployment meaning that it acts like a push weapon with infinite uses on infinite range!

Now tell me:
Infinite uses on infinite range for a push 2 effect with additional auto-fire for 2 more rounds after each 1st use
How is that not OP?

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A knock back drone would not suit physicals. Physical weapons with the exception of Spartans tend to be stronger closer range. Long range phys weapons such as reckless beam or desert fury are some of the weaker phys weapons.

Conversely heat and energy have some of their strongest weapons in the long range. This drone will just push your enemy into range to blast you with double valients or rockets and do you more harm than the enemy.

Therefore I think a knock back drone would be beset in an energy or heat variant while a pull drone might be interesting for phys.

I think the weight would have to be higher too considering it’s special ability. Either that or lower than average damage.

Those are my thoughts anyway.


1st. well is not because it’s push not dmg or shield drain (or other abilities
2nd is a drone, the heaviest drone so far is face shocker and that thing (which is op) doesnt weight even one half of 150 kg
so i think that the original weight is fine

FaceShocker has no push effect.
It deals damage and drain like any other energy drone.
The ressistance drain is the special trait which in the end is nothing but additional damage.

BUT a push back effect s COMPLETELY different!
Push effects are limited in uses and range by the weapon BUT a drone has no limitations in either range nor uses due to range infinity and re-deployment.
Also a push weapon MUST be fired every time while a drone would only be deployed once and can shoot several times automatically.
Therefore you cannot compare a push drone with any other drone.
If you want an item with infinite push effect on infinite range and auto-fire for the 2 following rounds then that will have to have the weight of 150 kg at least!

You must not compare it to a drone but to a push weapon!
E.g.: Last Words or Terror Cry - single fire, 3 uses, range limited to 2-4, push 1 --> Weight 63 kg / 46 kg
Your drone - auto-fire for 2 following rounds, infinite uses, range infinite, push 2 --> Weight at least 150 kg is only logical due to auto-fire for 2 rounds, infinite uses, infinite range + push double as high as push weapon.

To be precise:
push 2 = 2x push 1
infinite uses = at least 2x weight of limited 3 uses
infinite range = effective range 1-8 = ca. 2.67x range 2-4
auto-fire for 2 following rounds = 3x times the effect of 1 single fire push weapon.
Damage of drone = ca. 0.5 x damage of push weapon.

Effectiveness of push drone compared to push weapon:
2 * 2 * 2.67 * 3 * 0.5 =

16.02 times as effective as the push weapon

So the weight of the phsysical push drone would have to be 16.02 * 46 kg (Terror Cry) = 256.32

= 257 kg!

And that would be under the assumption that the firing costs equal the firing costs of Terror Cry with 25/25.

And do not tell me that I must not compare the push drone with a push weapon.
When they have the same purpose but the push drone would be 16 times as effective then it will have to be 16 times as heavy as the weapon.

why need the knockback ? , i mean phys mechs’s main source of damage is it’s nightfalls and annies, which have no knoclback at all to unleash maximum damage , this thing just did the opposite and took away your chance of doing even more damage

this might urge people to use more spartans or night eagles


It could help with no kb claw builds

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