New Drone - Flame Wave!


Legend are very hard to get, lol, a phys drone with knockback will screw all the anti phys for real…


Holy shet…



I got two rares on first run… second run? 2 sht epics… insane run? got my ass kicked by the third buggy…
the tanks have over 1000 hp and the buggies have 600… both do quite a bit of damage… WTF!


@BlackTempest i just got one energy leg legendary till now, already used two refills… man, this portal is making me angry… i got hysteria epic, that i was needing, but nothing useful besides myth food till now -_-


I don’t even need this poorly named drone


Man, i just want a valiant for my energy, since i don’t like heat mechs XD


this will drastically change strategy for all of us


Ay if I can get just 1 legendary I’ll be happy


Energy mechs will still go all out to drain the opponent.
As that drone “Backstabber” would need energy to fire after being drained it would be useless, too.


Ok so now i’ve done 100 runs of hard, 1 normal and one insane.
Used 450 tokens for 15 refills.
and it seems that legend drops have been nerfed somewhat since the last “legend” portal (Falcon) (which was also nerfed since the shockwave portal)

here you can see them and compare.

(For clarification: The percentage is how often each type drops from Total runs, not the division of number of items drop’d)

The question becomes, Should i continue?

P.s the legends i got where Grim Reaper and Desolation.


6 hours farming and look at this

Just a fuc**ng avengen torso


Avenger is aesthetically sexy af… Zark looks like a pissed off old man…


After many hours and tokens I finally got 50 mix boxes from Flame Wave portal…I played on hard mode only and this is what i got…
12 refills used : total fuel = 12 * 73 + 73 ( full fuel right before portal ) = 949 fuel
Runs: 949 : 12 ( Overpriced cost of portal in hard mode ) = 79 runs
In total i received 57 boxes ( 50 Mix boxes ; 7 Fortune boxes )
Portal cost this time was 360 tokesns
Items : Total = 124 items : 89 rares ; 33 epics ; 2 legendaries…
Chances : Common 0%
Rare 71,77%
Epic 26,61%
Legendary 1,61%

In conclusion this portal for me was better than the viking one but still it took 12 refills to get only 2 legendaries, the chance for legendary has to be buffed from these portals , 1.61% is too low.
The legendaries i got were Delerium ( which is useless to me ) and Claw ( which is good ) so overall 1 useful legendary which costed 360 tokens.
And as previously I have screenshooted each mix box.
Tactisoft please give us more legendaries this is not normal…
This is not balance!!!


man these drops are trash


I got energy storage unit from portal


420 tokens on hard and i got 4 legendaries(2x flame wawe , archimonde , claw) and nearly 50 epics, and i am still farming, i can post photos if you want proof of the legendaries🙂


anyone having good drops? not me lol


I keept going alitle from 100 to 150 runs

660 Tokens for fuel bought. plus daylie’s used.
All three collected legends were Epic legends.
Grim Reaper
Charged Walkers

Well ok i’m going to follow the footsteps of some of my fellow players, here’s the new f2p gameplan.

No more buying tokens*
No more buying fuel for gold or item portals*
No more buying premiums*
Collect daylie’s and raid tokens and try my luck at the “discount premium lottery” once a month*

*will be revised if changes are made in future updates.


mix box or fortune box did you open?


should be in the memes thread’