New Drone - Flame Wave!


Honestly though… I just used 12 fuel for rares… I could get the same thing from a ramboy run…


Haha! Good one Dankmementos! That got a good chuckle from me. “Make the game more fun or playable” is the last thing I’m thinking about regarding Tacticsoft’s marketing strategy.


Hello! The drops fall are very low, as in all the last portals. I was hoping that the fall rates would be buffed, but not …

And the fuel is more expensive! A tank runs out fast enough …

However, I think it´s still worth doing the item portals. You may not get legendary, but if you play hard mode there is no common, you get many rare and more epic than usual.

In the last portal, I only got 3 legendaries, but with everything else and coins I could make 4 more legendary myth food.

And another thing … if you play with android every 1 hour and a half (+ or -) gives 8 free tokens that are used to buy fuel.

Truly, although they are nerfed, the portals are still better than common missions, at least to obtain items for fusion.

In the end, in this life there are very few free things, even love is sometimes paid. Don´t lose your good humor for this nonsense …! Get portal and beer until the fuel runs out!


FIrst try on Insane, though I spend 30 tokens on revives :smiley:


I haven’t gotten any epics yet… just rares and no boxes. Usually an item portal is a good way for me to get epics to fuse things… I guess not this time. I am not using tokens to refill…stupid company ruins their game.


make a screenshot of the maximum mythic please


So, 13 refills so far. Legendary items:

Rubbish Feet

I collected some nice heat stuff over the last 2/3 portals, so I will probably make and use a heat mech in the future once I get damage and heat to 20%

Physical is just so damn boring!


3 hours 50 minutes farming, refill and farm again and No Legendaries at all i’m unlucky or what? I see that you got the drone and i can’t get it :r


you’re lucky :'v …


I got a drone from clearing hard mode just now for the first time.
But the one I got is Shockwave… lol… I got the energy drone from the heat portal. :sweat_smile:


I will be happy if ts will take even 1 of those


Second run through on hard got me this. Happy to have it, though I would point out I started running this portal the literal minute it appeared and this is still the only legendary I got.

As for the fuel cost, as I see it TS is trying to get people to buy boxes instead of/as well as farm portals. This makes sense to me, though I don’t agree with it.


From 3 refills I’ve gotten valiant sniper, the new heat drone (missed the box opening and scorching feet legendary, all on my f2p account. On my p2w i only have purples and blues. Very strange.


4 hours 55 minutes farming and 0 legendaries for me :3


Such creative naming…
No offence…


13 refills and 90 runs. 1 Grim Reaper Legend.


Would have made more sense as Heatwave, but whatever.


Stupid portal, more than 4 times it didn’t gave me nothing… TS is fucking this game, for real…


and here I am casual…

Waiting for that FlameWave


Well, the drone flame wave came out. Now we know that this drone will possibly come out in the following week.