New Drone - Flame Wave!


6 refils for 2 legies. Mortal bullet and lightning scope.


Not great items for you ya know mate?


I have some news for you ts(if you didn t realise already)

This game is going down

Portals are not worth it,sales are not worth it,paints are not worth it
So tokens won t worth as before,since we won t use them to get nothing in portals or purple stuff from sales

So players won t get legendarys

In this ways,tops will stay in this way,since begginers have no chance to get into the top if they don t pay tones of money,and believe me,they won t pay if you keep doing those great updates

You want more money?if there would be decent drop rates,players would pay to get more and more legys


I might a use for the scope…


I don’t know whei.
But gud.


Did you read the knockback part?


did you see the heat damage or the damage part? it is weak


It is 26 at max legendary


It’s not, belive me.

Heat mechs now can do 3 knockback per turn, you will see a lot of top players using this drone, i’m already maxing mine.


weak in damage but it is useful obviusly xD i want it xDD


Yes! That’s the word!

Usefull. :)


Hmm, looks like less people are posting in this item portal vs. prior item portals. Maybe it’s an indication some people quit? :thinking:


you’re a heater? dsgsads


Currently the legendary drop for me isn’t any different from what I can tell. Still fine for me anyway. I think people who only do a couple refills then deduce a rate need to be more persistent. I myself can’t be totally sure since I have only done a few but I’m not experiencing bad drops so far.


I’m mad jelly you got the ls. Really want one for my dmg energy.


actually i got more than 6 refills but 0 legendaries just commons, rares and some epics and sometimes no box xD


Im staeving for a falcon to counter Metre… Now that that drone is out, might become more mandatory than ever…
Got myself the elec scope… fak me


This was my first drop on hard

The hype is realllllll, thank you portal


Mr.E, you’re spot on. Indeed, if you’re f2p, you’ll have less reason to be disappointed since money isn’t involved. Therefore, you’ll have less expectation vs. p2p that spends money expecting more out of their money.


I get 6 runs out of this portal per refill…I still don’t understand why they think the fuel increase will make the game more fun or playable…


How bout everything