New Drone - Flame Wave!


So I not play the portal now!.-.


I have 3 lightning scopes


end me plz anyone!!!


Imo could be even heavier, it’s a energy-free knockback drone.


Ok so I have gone 50 runs now and I am like others very disappointed.
Total runs 50
item in total runs 32
Total Commons 2
Total Rares 50
Total Epics 27
Total Legends 0
Total items 79

This is written for the developers of this game as something to be considered in general about the games future.

Since I started little more than a year ago I’ve become somewhat irked for what seems to be a spiral of changes aimed for more revenue for the developers at the expense of value for the player both in time and money. You take more and more and give less and less. And these last changes kind of was the last straw. For me at least.

I would assume that this little game is supposed to be entertaining, even if there is some challenge and patience required from the player. But there is such a thing like overdoing it. and the road you’re going down is littered with greed and unfairness. The sad thing is that this is far too common and usually results in ending of things unless there is change for the better.

My conclusion is that the only thing that needs re balancing is the developer’s excessive greed, and my suggestion is that the developers relax and ease up a little on trying to drag things out and make it fun again.

This shouldn’t feel like a lifetime commitment, we the players have our own lives for that. This should be for our entertainment, like a little ray of sunshine on a dreary day when we find the time in our lives to play together. All in good fun.

And if some are willing to spend more time and dedication to this, why shouldn’t they reap the benefits of their commitment and be rewarded as such.

I’m sure that most players will reduce their playtime when a certain goal is reached but some may continue, driven on by additional items for example and for the competition between players.
But the most important thing for you, the developers, are new players, and they are far more likely to come and stay on the train if they’ve heard good and fun things about this game and are greeted with it as well from the beginning.

An unrewarded effort does not go unpunished, but it’s not too late for you. You can still turn things around! :blush:

Best regards.


Perhaps they just want money.


Haha, flagged already? Come on, Tacticsoft, you can do much better… How about a ban? That would solve all your problems!


I got it…! In my first mission.

This drone is good to me.


Mordulec…don’t even do it.


Nice job Wep!
Send me that to pm.


Hey man, welcome back. In my case, like you, I stopped spendering (sic) money, so it’s gotten harder to be disappointed.

Now they can nerf as much as they want, take all the tokens and gold they want, I didn’t but care much, I’m not paying for any of it. And with all this taking, they took my play time too. It won’t be long until they take the game from me entirely, and you know what …I’m good with that too!

Eventually, they’ll take everything away from everybody, including themselves. I’ll have quite a laugh at that point.


Maxing it now… But I need 5 legends…lol


My opnion-do it.


That is very true! I also stopped getting extremely frustrated once I stopped investing real money. But the last changes destroyed the remaining fun factor of item portals. And that impacts Free to play players in the first place… This is why I am pissed. And I tell you, broh, during my 2-week vacation I did not even think about SM for a second… Just managed to send a message to my clan… And I was happy with it. So whatever happens now, I am just cool. And they may ban me too, I do not give a FAQ.


Last legendary I got from a fortune box was like 10-11 months ago when ramboy had that fortune box glitch


Yep, game has ZERO fun aspect to it anymore. I would stop completely for a while if it weren’t for those damn arena coins. Because of that I HAVE to play this 5 battles, and I hate every one of them.

This game is not easy on the OCD.


Portals before - 5-9 legends of them 2-4 L-M
Portals now - 1-2 legends of which 1 L-M


almost every drone are energy free and weighs the same 43kg (talking about heat drones)


What are you guys talking about.If the portals gives better items and costs less, how are they suppose to fill their urge for money.Guys the best thing is to stop giving them money.They re like bottomless holes the more you give them the more they want XD.Every week they implement some idiotic idea that nobody wanted just so they can satisfy their money urge.I wouldn t be suprised if they started charging for 1 premium box 335 tokens and for 1 premium pack 1000 tokens lol.They re just to greedy, and they never listen to our ideas because as long as their s money coming in they re happy.

So this is not off topic because the drone is preety cool but also very heavy.


2 refill and the rest = 2 paper rolls wc legendre LOL