New Drone - Flame Wave!


What, how did you get that?


It was stuck on the “saving progress please wait” message for almost 5 minutes so I came to the forums for a bit and then when I got back in the app and it refreshed connection this was the screen it gave me. Tried aborting so I can at least play some battles or something but it won’t let me do that either.


Did you refresh again?


Are we talking about same portals?
There is the worst drop rate over now,5 refills without a single legendary,and jus with 12 epics


That’s why I’m here :wink:


And the refreshing doesn’t let you out???


Is this the glitch


Playing on phone or pc?
Android or ios?


Refreshed again and I’m still stuck. Won’t be the free tokens glitch if that’s what you mean since it froze before I completed the mission.

Will have to restart my phone. I find myself having to do that more and more with sm app these days. Not sure if it’s the app or just the WiFi at my work.



this should be iligel 3.


Dammit… I really hoped…

I think it’s mostly to do with your wifi, I get this sometimes with my school wifi so yeah




This should be iligel 3-the threequel.


My last legendary from a fortune was a food one,3 weeks ago


You know where i got this?
Portal,yup,this is the meaning.


Got a fortune just now,with 3 epics.lel


This is not fair!

Not just that the drop rates are horrible (I only got rares and 1 epic) but the cost of the portal is horrible.

I can make 5 runs per fuel capacity and,with those cheap drop rates,the portal is not even worth 1 fuel.
Terrible portal.

You nerfed the portal cost,even though it gives nothing good.

I am starting to lose interest in this game more and more,every day.


And i forgot when 2v2 update came that you just beggined to do something like raid.

Gud times.


Portal cost nerfed
Same bad drops

I wana comit die


But the portal is way esayer now.
What a bad timing


Give me a Flamewave pls