New Drone - Flame Wave!


Flame wave max legendary stats:
53 kg
70-105 dmg
26 heat dmg
1 knockback

  • Buff the drop rates
  • Nerf the cost of the portal
  • Nerf the cost of refills
  • Buff our energy capacity

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LOL, the ones who complain about all bad things of this game and then spend just to get more platinum plates


73 fuels = 1 epik, 8 rare
thanks for killing the portals, now I have a lot of time out from the game! Goodbye!!

no refill no


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thank you ts for best drop from all the times ! :slight_smile:


Well on hard I only got 3 rares and on insane after wasting 20 tokens on revives I got this:

Because of bad drop rates for even epics and even higher prices to play, I will only play all portals once from now on.


Is that drone usefull?
It has knockbacks.


Show us the stats. Weight is of particular interest.


Never mind winz already did derp


Here are L 1 stats:


He said nevermind…


Why do you have a mythical purifier lol?


My biggest regret. I didnt know its stats were absolute ass.


mb some day it will be buffed )) dont fuse it… I also have 2 of this piece of !@#!@ … lets wait)


I doubt it. All Ts does is nerf items and buff the price to play.


Oh look.
The portal fuels have been buffed.
I’ll be right back while i’m crying and swear.


You should add 5 option - all together, that would get 100%


Also please @Mohadib or @Sarah247

Make the drop rates for Boxes themselves, Epics and Legendaries higher than Rare or Common drop rate just like the portals before, then you can keep the 50% addition in Fuel Costs freely.


Is anyone else having issues actually trying to play the portal?