New Drone - Flame Wave!


still better than the last 3 portals drop rate which was like 1 legendary at every 5 refills


item portal doesn’t give any legendary modules. Inculding L-M mods, they are only able to get from premium/premium packs


From where do you know that?


Imma get greedy…2 legendary per refill…


That would be great, it used to be sometimes like that…


This is supposedly false according to KilliN

Because people get rare modules, don’t they? so Modules confirmed


I did get prem modules from portals. Not many though.


in reign we have a lot of crazy ppl who played every single portal badly. We can confirm that since Unicorn portal come to end and never show up. The only kind of portal that will give you legendary mods is only unicorn portal. in example you know “who” have obtaining lot of legendaries just from 1 portal LOL


Whats your ign mate if i may? (Just curious, nothing special here)


same bad drop rate
higher cost
and you call this balance


Goodbye Token-Sama, you’ll be missed.


Buff the drop rates or nerf the refill price or make the cost as it was or buff our energy capacity


Also, @Sarah247, looks like this sentence really came true!

Say my thanks to him! :smiley::grin::smile::slightly_smiling_face:


so after 93 natural energy
and 2 refills
239 energy in total

Total:28 runs
9 runs without any box
9 epics
some rares

32% at least 1 epic card
32% for no box at all
26% just rares

Drop rates depend from player to player,but portals seems to be not worth it anymore
(60 tokens for 9 epics and some rares?)

  • This portal is great!
  • Worst portal ever!

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At least there ARE Epics.

But don’t make the droprate of Epics too low please.


0% legendary!:fu::-1:


What is that F###ING portal?!?
Also it is cost 50% more!


Got it on insane 1st try.


more fuel = more tokens = more money


who the hell will pay for getting nothing(no box) or few epics