New Drone - Flame Wave!


@TheBlackMan i must have spend 3 or 4 refills… this money was going to premium packs, but the devs can really screw with me… argh.


I think it was just a lucky pull from a Fortune box.

The regular blue boxes can only contain Flamewave from Hard and Insane


(The misunderstanding of the portal drop rate increase)

Winz Kay, this is golden. Thank you for this post.

There’s no need to take Sarah literally since the last 2 portals everyone knows the item portals’ drop rates have been nerfed.


My last 2 portals have been the best. Even this one is good although I’m not farming it soooo, doubt anything nerfed


Hmm, then you must be the lucky ones.


I finally get excited by a yellow light, but then I get a sith :weary::weary::weary::sob::sob::sob: portals are bad


drop rates are the same. sarah only said that item portals have higher chances for legendaries [compared to regular missions (thats what i think she meant)]


I hope you’re right: item portals’ drop rate hasn’t been nerfed. :man_shrugging:


300 tokens later …zero legendary


Really??..oh man that is soo unlucky…


7 Refills, 0 legends. I think I’ll take the hint. Good thing I don’t actually want the item in question.


7 refills??..that is 210 tokens down the drain and at least 5 hours wasted…oh man…how unfortunate


You know what my problem is? I don’t even want the Flame Wave. No, no no. My problem is that even though this portal drops so many epics I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN A SINGLE LIGHTNING SCOPE. I’VE BEEN HUNTING L SCOPES SINCE THEY WERE INTRODUCED AND BECAUSE THERE WAS NEVER A WORKING PORTAL I NEVER GOT ONE! ARRGGGGHHHHHH WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…


Don’t do either… go do something that’ll repay you for your time. Clearly SM won’t, at least not right now. Give it a rest, come back later.


Bought 3 more refills, finally got the Fortune Box on hard which I thought was the Pity timer for “here’s the item” but alas, it’s 3 useless epics.

Easily the worst portal yet.

I must say the combination of “fuel costs more” and “the portal drops less” has brought me a lot closer to the reaction of “stop playing” than “pay more.”


Thanks for the figures mate.
So legy drop rate droped by 50%…


Finally,I have done for this weapon!




you know in business school they should teach biology too
they should know that if the cancer cells eat up a body, in the end they will die with that body too…
ergo if the playerbase leave, the game (revenue) will die also…

however the leach lets you live, they suck your blood only a little by little at a time

but risking the ban and the scorn of the developers here, i have to say because it is a common knowledge that inconsideration and excessive greed is a well known characteristic of their race…


hmm…5 minutes past and no flag, no ban…
perhaps they realise that truth and facts can not be supressed by punishment and retaliation…