New Drone - Flame Wave!


I GOT THE FLAMEWAVE!!!..hmm…should I use it instead of murmur?..push is gonna help a lot…


Got my 1 legendary, zero refills, I’m done.


You think that’s bad?
I got 8 commons.
3 rares.
1 epic.


Best I have gotten is two epics in a row…what is this


Really, ■■■■ this game, how can the developers ■■■■ this shit so much? my god, i’m really angry, those stupid portal sometimes do not give anything at all… you thirst for money will kill this game, congratulations.


Second wave without any itens… are you fucking kidding me man…


Ya wanna know what this game has become.

A waste.

also mind you, they also said something about “a raise in the drop rates for legends.”


Where? Show it.




*cough *

Can NO ONE read in this forum???

“Portals have always given you lots of free gold, tokens, and higher drop rate of legendaries”


If it meant the gold portals. Sorry, I didn’t notice.
Cuz she wasn’t SPECIFIC.


I did one refill and my very first legendary was th FlameWave


600 tokens on hard, 5 legendaries (viking hammer, claw , archimonde , 2x flame wawe) , nearly 80 epics, so is it good?


@Sarah247 third wave in a fucking item portal that i got nothing at all… you said higher drop rates? really, prove it to me, as i’m about to throw the pc by the window, those bosses of yours are really idiots who only think about money and how to ■■■■ a good game, thats all i have to say :slight_smile:


Haha! That’s really funny stuff there, man. :laughing:

That should be put in meme.


She did not say the drop rates were increased.


@rc1 i’m not joking man, i’m ultra triggered…


Had to get one eventually


Then, i go to easy and got one box…


Premium pack? wow.