New Drone - Flame Wave!



Today we have another portal.
This time we are introducing the Flame Wave!
This Legendary to Mythical Drone is in the heat family and gives 1 push.

It will be hard to get in this portal because it is a Legendary item but it is possible in Hard and Insane!

When you get one post them here :slight_smile: Good luck!


And the fuel costs are doubled, just so everyone is aware.




Ayyyyyy Sick lol :grimacing:


I completed it in Normal and Hard, just trash epics… :frowning:


If I see this portal give that item is really bad,I will say that gold and item portal is bad!:-1:


Get ready for triple push heaters… gonna be so annoying.
Hope this thing weights 60kgs


Does that mean that drops chances are as horrible as viking hammer, aswell know as 0% chance for some players?
On top of that the costs of portal is higher…I’m going to do another 50 mix box opening from this portal and it better have some actual legit chance for legendaries , will be doing hard mode only , and if won’t get some decent loot , i will loose quite a bit enthusiasm towards this game.


it weighs 53kgs


we gonna see if this portal have better drop rates as you said
4 runs without box ,nice


Did you get one?..


No, someone else did


Anyone time a Legendary to Mythical Item is released it is harder to get.
Legendaries in general are like this.
This isn’t new.




That’s… not enough lol

It’s possible to get stuff from that but with the average players luck… not enough boxes


Lol. Im ok with that… any other info?
If it is like the elec one, base stats are going to be quite poor…


Not my pic


we didn t ask for a great drop rate,just for a decent one,one legendary at 2-3 refills will be really ok


It used to be 1 every refill… I call that^ still bad


Well sorry, but I simply can’t afford to do any more refills, not enough tokens to spare, i expect that with new costs of portals it will take me around 450 tokens to get 50 mix boxes.
I have another account and i will try to get there 50 mix boxes aswell, so going to be total of 100 portal boxes.