New Drone Concept Idea

Yes, I made a new concept for Inversed Shotguns yesterday but I feel like doing a new concept for something different. However, when I was examining the items of SuperMechs, I noticed 3 things were absent in the drone category but was present in the weapons category:

  • There isn’t a drone that relies on a randomizer for determining its damage value
  • There isn’t a beam attack drone by what I’ve seen
  • There aren’t any drones with special animations, again, by what I’ve seen

I bet you immediately noticed the word “randomizer” and thought about the Frantics and their form of randomizer that is not as random as the concept lets on. That form of randomizer isn’t what I’m planning on doing since that concept just chose a random value between a low minimum damage cap and a high maximum damage cap, which is decent until the algorithm chooses a damage that’s close to the average almost every time as well as the fact that all of the other damage factors (resistance drain/heat damage/energy damage) are guaranteed along with the random damage output, making the weapon itself entirely less random.

So if I don’t intend on using the Frantic algorithm for damage outputs, what exactly am I going to use for the randomizer for my new concept? Well, I’m thinking of randomizing the output damage… Instead, I’m making the concept’s damage a static value and making a set of “equations” that are going to be the randomized variables used to determine the final output. I know, it seems complicated for a simple item concept, but this is an alternative of the way Frantics are randomized.
Now that I stated my strategy, what exactly am I going to do to make the strategy work? That’s pretty easy, actually… I’ma make the equations into multipliers that are applied to the static value.

But wait, why am I doing multipliers for a randomized concept that is meant to be more random than the Frantics yet still have a balanced effectiveness? Multipliers are more versatile than what you would think since they come as both positive and negative values. Wouldn’t a randomized multiplier variable only make it more broken? If it was only a variable, yes… But I’m intending on making equations, which affects this concept’s randomness by a lot.

What type of equations am I going to use for this concept? I’ll be using the 4 basic Math equation types (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division) along with Zero (Static value becomes final damage output) and None (No Multiplier and Static Value is set to 0; the concept doesn’t attack) in order to increase the randomness. As for how they’ll be applied… Well… That’s gonna take a bit of visual work.

B = Base Damage (Static Value)
M = Rarity Multiplier (The number that is applied in the equation to affect the Static Value; based off of the rarity level of the concept)
F = Final Value (The damage output)

B + M = F

B - M = F

B * M = F

B / M = F

B = F

B(0) = F

The Rarity Multiplier is something that I’ll need an experienced player to help me on in order to determine the number that will be used for that and for the equations, it doesn’t look like much but the 6 outcomes have 2 positive outcomes (Addition and Multiplication), 2 negative outcomes (Subtraction and Division), a Neutral outcome (Zero), and a Bankrupt outcome (None/it’s not classified as a bad outcome as the concept is not negatively affected by this), all of which have an even 1/6 chance of being chosen.

So, what about the resistance drain and the heat/energy damage of the concept that I said that was going to be randomized? Those two factors will also be randomized in the same way as the base damage but the None option is removed for all three types of alternate damage since the concept won’t attack if the base damage is affected by the None multiplier. How exactly? The Rarity Multiplier comes into play with this just like how it comes into play with the base damage but the static value for the alternative damages will be a lot different from the base damage (obviously).

Ok, enough of the multiplier stuff, I bet you’re still wondering about what the base stats for this thing would look like before it gets thrown into the multiplier stuff to be mutated into 1 of the 6 final results… But that stuff won’t be determined until after I come up with a solid base damage for all 4 damage types and elements. As for the rarity range, I’m thinking of making it into an Epic to Mythical just like the last idea I made since it wouldn’t exactly be fair if only the high-ranks had a chance to get this concept.

And then there’s the final question that you are all probably wondering about: Why did I ever bring up the points of there being no randomizer drone, no beam damage drones, or even a drone with any special animations? If you didn’t add up the pieces that I was leaving behind that hinted to what the concept could potentially be, I’m thinking of making a drone concept that is beam attack-based that uses a randomizer and has an animation that allows it to move to be able to use its direction-specific attack. Is it crazy? Yes. Will it ever be considered for in-game use? Most likely not. Would I like to see it come to life as an item? Probably.

Also, I mentioned that I needed assistance with this concept because I need people’s opinions on what would be good stats for a drone of this caliber. So, if you want to provide help for completing this concept or just want to tell me what you think about it, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment or two (as long as they’re at least somewhat relevant to the concept and how it works).

I also apologize for the length of this post but it was necessary because explaining this sort of stuff in detail isn’t as simple as talking about a Tonto’s stats or why giving HeatPoint and Face Shocker 3 uses is a good way to balance them, so please bear that in mind before complaining about the length of it in the comments.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the topic

From the Rank 12 heater that created the Inversed Shotguns concept (Topic Name: New Inversed Item Idea)

Leberecht Maass/Whiteout

P.S: Private message me if you want to be involved with helping me develop the stats. I would really appreciate the assistance and I will list your name in the final topic with the item’s final stats, name, variants, etc.

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my dyslexic ass cant read this without going blind so can someone shorten it or me?


I’m thinking of a way to make a “frantic” drone that isn’t just a floating frantic while also being completely random in terms of damage, resist damage, energy drain, and heat damage

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how about no more aids weapons ok?

Just because I thought of making a drone that does actual random damage without having the terrible “balance” that the frantics have does not automatically make it a frantic

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gambling adds less strategy to the game not more.

Except every single weapon in the game is a gamble but most weapons are just small gambles that have results you can expect. Also, the game barely has strategy anymore when it’s mainly just about having better stuff than everyone else.

that arguements stupid 100-200 damage difference is different then 700 damage difference

Except you started an argument over an item that’s never going to appear in-game and is just a “concept”, which is a simple idea or prototype that may or may not be used for an actual product. So, telling me that a 100-200 damage is stupid for a gamble is like calling me cruel for starting a battle in a war that you started

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and sometimes they do add community ideas. normally the ones that add less strategy tbh

Also, 100-200 is as equivalent gamble as a 700 one as in the end, you could end up being the one that is destroyed if you don’t deal enough damage and your opponent does, which is just like rolling a die and trying to get a good number from said dice roll

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RNGsus is anti strategy my dude

Except the game’s full of it, from the weapons to the boxes, there’s hardly any exact results from most of the stuff you do

sadly the game is now no strategy gay

There were non-gamble weapons in legacy times, where there was only 1 potential damage value that was guaranteed

this is no longer an argument therefor not fun so ima stop replying

What do you think frantics are

  • Useless
  • Bad
  • Mediocre
  • Ok
  • Good
  • Great
  • Top tier
  • Broken

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We do not want an infinite use frantic

If you read through the whole explanation on how the drone’s gonna work and the fact that I said “it’s not going to be a frantic”, you would immediately realize that the drone I thought of is going to be only as good as the other drones but has more of a random factor, making it a higher risk use item.

Also, when was the last time that the frantic had a “no damage” option?

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omg that trump card. no one can come back from that argument its impossible?!?!?!?!?

Simply reading the ideas for the concept will automatically show why it’s not going to be another frantic with yet another “random” algorithm used to handpick a random damage.