(New Drone) 1st Gold Box

So I Started A New SM Acc And Guess What I Got From The Gold Box I Bought Thats Right The New Drone Instantly LMAO

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Whats it called, if i may ask?

I think he mean this drone …


P.S.: since ElNanoMetre is gone from this forum, it is pretty peacefull … I LOVE :hearts: that :grey_exclamation:
(why is that … oh I forgot, he is the good one :laughing: )

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you are very angry.

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Why he is angry :question:

He is angry because he has a small willie so he watched pom and then he clicked on that stupid willie enlargement pills ads and he got scammed so he is angry now cause of that :exclamation:

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Thats funny (and of course it is true also :laughing: ) :exclamation:

And seems he got punished (or he punished himself), we all know for what he did :grey_exclamation:

And @RALFMAN all his “Topper”-blablabla (thanks a lot @Joeyjojojunior for explaining it to me), show exactly what you pointed out :exclamation:

Here one of the beststoriesoftheworld :



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WTF you mean by this, Besty??? What happened to El_Litre?

He brought my deceased mother (she had cancer) into a discussion here in the forum and tried to construct, that I lied about it in our Clan (what I never would do, first because as you can imagine its a pretty tough and serious theme for our family and me, second because I don’t lie anyways) :grey_exclamation:

And now “SOMETHING” punished him for doing that really unworthy and disgusting behavior :exclamation:


Well I personally unboxed it from a video of mine. ( not to long ago )

Im sorry to hear about your mom @bestplayerintheworld :sweat: :frowning: , and about @El_Metre he never bothered me. I wonder how long the ban or whatever is :confounded:


Don´t worry about El Metre. Hes doing very well, and has no punishment or prohibition.

I suppose there are people who believe they are the “bestnavelintheworld”, and that all acts of others revolve around agreements or incidents that have had with them. In their infinite ignorance, these people don´t think that the alluded could have changed game, or be on a trip, or dedicated to an important job, or simply had been bored of being here. Each of the possibilities or all.

If I had an incident with someone, of nature the incident that this woman has had here, I would not be venting or politicizing it, in my favor. I would prefer to forget it and not mention the matter anymore. It´s too immense to mention details in a game´s forum, looking for adepts.

PS. For some time now I have a doubt my dear RALFMAN. You are really the owner of acc, the RALFMAN that I knew? I say because the RALFMAN that I knew and with whom we even exchanged some words in battles, was a mature and educated guy, who never got in trouble with anyone or celebrated malicious “jokes”.

Then I met Rafaelius, who also piloted that acc and although he was young boy, I also remember him as someone nice with whom sometimes we even had conversations in messenger.

If you are the same RALFMAN or is very changed, or, actually I didn´t know you as much, as I thought I knew you.

And exactly same as usual …


  • interferes although it is not her business

  • try to protect a Goofy who acted under every dignity

  • start going against @RALFMAN with again totally senseless accusations


And continue with the same thing … what are you looking for? to they ask you again? so u continues to do politics?
If you don´t do it out of respect for yourself, do it out of respect for your family. Stop drag the memory of deads in a game´s chat.

interferes although it´s not your business

Seem Pinky and the Brain dont like facts …

Pinky brought it into the forum, NOT me :exclamation:
(thats the point)

it’s also a fact that you interferes although it is not your business all the time, just to go against others :grey_exclamation:
(and good that all can see and read it)

Marry him and become happy …