New Dron that absorbs your HP and recovers 50% of the damage caused to your HP

Weight 70 , attack leyendary 25 - 250 ,

mytical. 25 - 450 attack divine 25- 462 range 3-6 cost energy 70 heat 70, 3 uses only no more

Should be more like weight 175, attack 0

Well more fractic xD new 299 -700 2 turns? Yes!

i say nerf frantic to that sure

Legacy repair drone 2.0?

Sigh, why cant we do life st-
… ehhh Scratch that.
Healing yourself?

  1. Takes away hp pads
  2. saves you from dying quicker
  3. It will heal you significantly
  • No attack
  • Cost same energy and heat 75 for both at least, but idk
  • You will get the name Pocket Medic.
    Seems fair to me…

That sounds like the backfire, take your hp away, do damage to enemies (i mean most of it is not heavy and deal 3x damage taken but still uses not alot of energy and heat)

still dont understand thou because it absorbs your hp… or does it mean absorb damage of enemies and heals you? idk but that sounds like shield

It just heals your mech

Have you never seen a hp pad in Arena?

i have seen it, the common ones which is
heal 100 hp and the other one which is -50 resis

can you explain it more? is it lifesteal in a nutshell or what? drone that takes your hp which means backfire… an recovers 50% of the damage cause to your hp? thats a legit drone shield. that og shield? no. it does nothing but takes an portion of your hp in a short sentence? what? is your grammar wrong or what?