New Christmas portal idea


No prob, and the devs are considering this.


I am a genius, yes? :wink:


Dude this would be great, for the people that do not spend money on the game, or not a lot of it, this would be really cool because then they will be able to get 1 or 2 legendaries that they had been trying really hard to get!

For example, even say they made it to where you can only do it for a legendary or mythical item like 2 or 3 times, giving you a chance to die once or twice and still get it, then they would be so much more happy with tactisoft, giving them a whole lot more motivation to play the game more.

For me, I have been trying for so long to get at least one of the following:
-rolling beasts
-the rollers, but energy/ legendary ones like the rolling beasts
-valiant sniper
-l-m energy sword

If this portal really gave you the ability to select one of the rewarded items for its completion, I would actually start playing a lot more because of the good spirits that I’d be in for getting one of them.


No because it was my idea lol


I only spent 2 dollars and I call myself a f2p (Is that wrong?)


me gusta la idea por que quiero una abomination desde el año pasado :'v


I agree, so I will add 1 change. If you fail trying to get an item, you can try to get it again. If you succeed, well, you can’t get another one, just a different item.


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@Sarah247 @jonny @Berserk40000 @Smirk


Hey, we’ve already made a list of the events that will amaze you for sure, guys :slight_smile:


Can you post the topic here? thanks


Unfortunately, I and Smirk are Santas, so we are unable to publish the entire list of the presents awaiting you :slight_smile:




I do like the idea of a Christmas portal that features a classic character or villain (Scrooge, Grinch, Krampus, etc.)
But how about run it like an item portal, regular gives a fortune box on first complete and standard drops after that. But on hard and insane modes it gives a ‘gift box choice’ after every complete, there would be 2 boxes (screen split in half kind of thing) they would open at the same time and could be a rare, an epic, or even a legendary. then you choose which one to keep.


Since you say “events”, when will the start?


How about the three runs are normal, hard, insane.


Well, @Berserk40000, did SantaSoft say ye s to this, or not.


Masterfully placing politeness and amity over annoyance at these people for tagging you so many times


We are gonna get a third reloaded on christmas


I appear to be keeping this topic alive for FAR longer than a lot of other topics.