New Chapter Silent Water! + New black paint?


The new chapter Silent waters is out! And this new black looks great! Hope we see it in the shop sooner or later :wink:

53 PM
Mentioned by @Pleasurebot3000

Also, mechs without weapons?? Also pointed by @Pleasurebot3000

I sound like a youtuber


44 AM

Thicc lolz


Never realized it was out .-.



This is the moment I realized a mech with two guns is stronger than me


I ran out of likes,so here:




Just loging in game right now


Watch for dem thicc legs to stomp you


Lols mech be thicc

capture 1



Im not sure thats a new black. Its simply the epic version of the weapons painted as the maxed out mythical version thats why it looks somehow different.


Sure does look darker than the maxed version


Capture 2

Jebus christ stop self!

Also @Winz_Kay Yea it does looks darker


I think I have found out the true purpose of that weaponless mech, it’s supposed to waste the uses on our first mech.