NEW cartoon about transformers

I recently had the idea
about transformers and furs
there will be 3 seasons of 30 episodes

  1. Who can anemate?
  1. Who can do syuset
  1. Who has a lot of items
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  1. Who can pay animators for thousands of hours of work
  1. Who can get it onto television or netflix
  1. What do you mean by ‘a lot of items?’

i am so confused… btw, how old r u? and what transformers do you mean? because if its like, sm related, than cool, but if its the childish cartoon then…


It’s like that
for all
By the way, I can show the main character

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Moved to off topic since it isn’t really something that belongs in general chat

Episode 1 Season 1

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Yeah that’s literally impossible without 100+ animators.

Just one guy with decent photoshop skills can probably do it xD

Got to separate each part and to make it “move” moving it on each frame, a long and hard work, but hey, it can be done

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100+ bad animators you just need like 1-10 good ones

  1. If you give me 10 000 dollars I gonna animate an average quality 1 min animation for ya.
  1. wut?
  1. why?
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good quality 1 hour and 12500 dollars CAD

bro… no to make an one hour good quality animation u need at least 30 000 dollars
and it would took more than a year if the studio don’t have much animators

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ya but the film wouldnt even get 30k in profit lol

Plus Hasbro and Takara DMCA’ing the HELL out of it

transformers + supermechs


im utterly confused on why you came up with this concept

and how you came up with it

and also I wish they didn’t discontinue the bay verse :’(

There will be pilot shots

Why is it difficult? It’s even easy!