New canpain for supermechs?

Hello im darkxgamming the you tuber and I think we should add a new canpain…

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They just did… It’s the 3v3 campaign…

I know but im talking about not just 3v3 4v4 stuff like that something creative like a lava canpain or a ice canpain or a unicorn canpain heck they even had the unicorn one in the files

English 100 right here, teach me your ways

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Be able to have 4 mechs

I remember when I had 6 mech builds before the massive change.

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CaNpAiN, really? English is my 2nd language and I even know that it is CAMPAIGN


AND, every “section” or stage of the map of the campaign has a thematic, like , the Frozen Abyss, its a Ice map, the Lost Valley its like a Lava map, you dont need to be a genius to know that. Also, dont ask too much to SM devs to make 2 campaigns in a row, I mean, in 2 weeks, really, its dumb.


You were really nice to ModaS, can’t you be nice to Justz_Randomz ?

Lost Valley isn’t a “scorched land” themed section ? (I might be confusing with scavenger’s pass…)

Because Overlord’s Den surely is the Lava themed one

The second section of the 3V3 map isn’t even released yet XD

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Yes but developers are wotking hard. I want to see you making one capmaign in progress and make another for only a player.

I never said it easy or anything…

I was simply laughing about the fact someone asks a 4V4 campaign, while the 3V3 isn’t fully (it’s quite the opposite) released XD

Yeah this was a long time ago btw before the 3v3 campain but yeah I saw one of your guy’s comments and I think they should add a 4v4 campain. Also Im a bad speller because I never learned to spell in school because they never taught me for some stupid reason…

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I fucking adore you, you need more subs, Can I join your clan? Rank 9 here.