New Cannon type weapon Idea. (First time post here btw)



Not sure If it should be a

  • Legendary and Mythical

  • Rare and Epic
    or even

  • Rare, Epic and Legendary

There isn’t any large cannon type weapons in SM yet so it would be something new.

Stats (for physical)

  • Rare level 1
    1 use
    4 armor break
    weight 49
    Top weapon

  • Epic level 1
    1 use
    7 armor break
    Weight 49
    Top weapon

  • Legendary level 1
    1 use
    10 armor break
    weight 49
    Top weapon

  • Mythical level 1
    1 use
    15 armor break
    weight 49
    Top weapon

Not sure about the range because i’m bad with it.
And I never owned a Myth so Idk the stats to give it.

Anyways thanks I guess.


Ok :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Yes it is.


Ya I guess it is now that you remind me of that weapon. Exept that it would be a top weapon.


If u don’t know. legacy have a same weapon but lower damge :smiley:


I played 7 years ago and don’t remember that weapon.


Really let’s I remind u I don’t remember it’s name but I remember it have 1 use and incredible damge and top weapon have canon shape and can knockback enermy.


hm i think that is a weapon let me find the pic be right back


oh um i think the Apocalypse maybe i think


I don’t remember it’s name -_-


Remember the rarity of it?


Oh I gave up -_-


Alright then I’ll just believe you.


hm neva mind i forgot but i ma go now


Range should be 4-5 just like Vandal Rage, and damage should be 20% lower because imagine those stats being level 1 myth, then imagine a level 50 myth.