New Campaing - Gold value a little off

Killing the boss in the new 2v2-campaign gives you a reward of 1 Gold.
For the whole mission, you should get 3.150 Gold but you get 3.101 - so I assume, killing the boss should give 50 Gold instead of 1 Gold.

Yeah, it’s almost not worth mentioning, I know…

The most important topic of 2018


What 50 gold?
You’ve meant coin’s?
If you do…
I dunno.

It’s like that for every mission.
It’s a bug that reduces the gold value…
And it’s been here for ages,@Mohadib @Sarah247,is this going to be fixed anytime during this lifetime,along with the hundreds other?
I,for one,am sick of playing a game full of endless and never ending bugs and full of suicidal updates.