New campaign - which is the best mission to collect coins?

So far I discovered that the best mission to collect coins on the new 2x2 campaign is mission 5, insane mode of Lost Valley.

with 6 refill credits you earn 7380 coins (real), while in the 1x1 campaign, with 12 refill credits you get less than 12,000 coins.

It´s also better than the insane mode of BB (at common campaign)

If you know another better one, please pass the notice … thanks!

  • By the way, you´ve to try! because the numbers shown, are not the real numbers that you get. 7380 is real!

That lost valley 2v2 one only earns like 200 more gold than od6, but takes more time.
Od6 is still king.


This mission that I recommend is shorter than BB’s hard mode … it’s done in less time at least.

2v2 campaign on the last valley boss is the only best one imo.

But I’m sure in new 2v2 Overlord’s Den, BB will drop insane amount of coins. It will take a lot of time though, because Lost Valley has legendary tier mechs.

So I’m sure 2v2 BB won’t be messing around.

Or coins/time.
Dependa on what you want… more coins for energy… or less time for coins.
Kinda looks like real life…
Blue chils… or red chips.(stock exchange thing)

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Not bb, OD6

Will also take 2 extreamly good mechs…
Since hp kits only heal 1 mech…so just sinple math… you need 25% overall health for both mechs to do it… on insane.
Would justify the 20% premium thing, if tou are out to scavange coins.


But it is too difficult for most people. I passed it, but the truth is difficult. If you don´t get heal improvements, I’d say you cannot pass.

I don´t remember now how many coins it gives (to make the rule of 3 and compare)

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6 fuel for 7000 gold?

Overlords Den Mission 6 on Insane gives 9000 gold for 7 fuel.

@Yeet I got yo back

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You did it and you checked it?

Because the numbers that show missions have nothing to do with reality …

(I´m doing it now…)

OD, mission 6, insane… 7 credits… 8685 coins

This is the best at now!!!


If not for me nobody would have known about this farming spot.

I spread the word bout it

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Calm ya ego

We git it, u found out the best gold spot

no need to rub it in our nub faces

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We’ll have a serious talk tomorrow on discord.

YEEEEEEK this doesn’t sound good

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Pish off… I found it by myself too… then found that everyone was talking about it.
I could’ve spread it too if I was earlier


Appreciate the attention @WinzKay@TechnoDive@Yeet !

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What about normal and fortune boxes drop rates?

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No idea! I usually get many fortune boxes in BB, but there is never a legendary on them.

It´s only visual, they contain the same as the item boxes. Fortune boxes only takes a little longer to open up.

Tell that to my:
Ultrahot protector
And a few myths that came to existence thanks to myth food

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