New Campaign Reward Box for each Difficulty level

  • Yes, A new Set of Campaign Box Reward for each difficulty level should be available
  • No. Terrible idea.

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With the update of the campaigns, it has come to my attention that with the new difficulty settings, the box rewards were not reset.

Would it be a good idea that once you have cleared one difficulty level (for the first time only) a new set of box rewards would be available to collect once you have cleared the next difficulty setting? Say a new Red Box for each level of difficulty once you defeat the Boss?

I like the new campaign difficulty. More difficult and with better rewards. Can we please have new boxes, too?



Stop being greedy. Be happy.


P_P did you ended at least the last campaing?


don’t think there still any person left who cares for SuperMechs enough to ask for more boxes and yet didn’t finish original campaing


Finishing the hard and insane campaigns will be quite difficult and SHOULD be rewarded with boxes
And I don’t mean normal ones :wink:


now that reward for beat insane boss is a goldchest, so we did it, we get the box like a reward :open_mouth: