New campaign in game

Before I post about the idea of this, I want to know one thing. "Are willing to take more of a risk in this game and sacrificing more? If I get more than 20 yes voters by sunday I will post the details. If 20 tonight than I will post it tonight.

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Mate,you can just post it already.
No need to tease us like this :laughing:


Some players want attention


Ok then, I see there is already 12.

Here is the Idea.
Campaign “WAR Against Clans.” Each Clan has the option to buy its own “Land territory,” or just play the original campaign. It cost 1,000,000 gold and 100 tokens to buy. Each player can pitch in on the buy. Then each player can buy and then build there own “BASE” (Optional). You, Start at normal. Want to upgrade to hard, then will cost. Same thing with insane, will cost gold and tokens. Then you build a “Bot” to protect the base. Once done, the best part starts. To enter, you decide how much gold or tokens to enter it. The Max for normal to enter is 10,000, hard 30,000, and insane 100,000 (just an idea of pay). Each time a player enters your base, they either win or loose. If they win, they get they steal what ever you charge of entry. If you charge only 5,000 gold, they steal 5,000 gold from you. If you charge tokens and gold, they get the entry fee back. It goes vise versa if you win, and your base won. What you charge is what you get. Now a player also has the option of revising there mech in battle. If they do revise and loose, you also get to receive the reviving tokens from them.

Basically It’s a clan campaign against other clans or if single players want to take a risk to go by them self, they can. But you need to be in a clan to build a base.

Now here is another part. There is the Clan vault. What ever you win, no matter it you went to battle a base or a player attacks yours, 15% of your winnings goes in there. The vault holds the 15% winning. You can also put in whatever you want in there to help the clan. With that 15% it gives the clan a territory upgrading and your base. Once upgrading the territory to level 5, You can buy buggy. When territory reach 10, you can buy a tank. When the territory reaches level 20, which is the max, You get to buy a BOSS mech. Then you upgrade buggy, tank, and boss yourself.

Yes, This sounds like a long process, yet this game needs something new.

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