New Campaign Function - Simulate Level

It is very simple idea.
Once you finished level you can click “Simulate” button. How it works? It is just autoplay playing your level, but it is simulated in server and then server send you results.

As one player suggested - it will be too easy to level up in lower level. So my solution is to give thia button only to level 100+ players.

It will make grinding WAY faster. Less time wasted on grinding = more time to play arena.
More time to play arena mean more players playing at the same time.
More players playing arena at the same time is… YES! Less time spent on searching!

  • YES!
  • No, I like wasting my time

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I t would be very nice, but chances for this being implemented are 00000000000.1%. No offense, is true.

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Don’t be so confident. Search God Mode Portal and look at the raid ^^

I’ve already know that. This was just a joke. This has a good chance of implementing, actually.


this would completely break the game since now that the xp rates are increased you would have enough max fuel to do the missions and to get enough xp to level up and get a refill unless the refill when levelling up was removed i don’t think this would be a good idea

in other words: this would gave all players the ability to press a button about 10 and level up in about 30 seconds

I understand your point. But as 130 lvl player I can tell you that you need over 2 refills to level up.

But you are right that it will be to easy in lower levels.

Please read after edit and vote again :slight_smile:

well i’m a level 47 player and i can tell you right now people could get to my level just by clicking the simulate button

also, people could easy set up a bot/script that just automatically clicks that button when there is engough fuel

Sorry,but can you explain?
Is it like an instant completition (something like - if you completed this level before,give fuel and take rewards,without the need to manually play again)?
Or is it multitasking (as in you can play in the arena while this feature plays the level in the background)?

I know how it is in lower levels, I was helping my sister in leveling up her acc. And about scripts. I can set script even now. And I knew how to set it before autoplay added.

Instant. But not as easy as you said, it wont give rewards if you loose. Thats why its not called gimme rewards button but simulate :wink:

well you basically just admitted that scripts=win
if this was added i would balance it by making the simulate conditions harder than standard playing
-more fuel required
-less chance of winning (lower mech stats)
-it takes coins or tokens
-a limit of how many times you can do this per day

Bro you can play only one hard bigboy per hour. So conditions you wrote are nonsense for me.

So…Like a rush option that would only rush missions that you previously completed.
Why didn’t they add that instead of an autobot?

It will never happen.Let me explain why:

They mean to make us play as much as possible so they get payed as much as possible.
They made an autobot that does not pick up items and needs a couple manual clicks when they could.You know why?
To make the farming process a manual ROUTINE for the people,so they would keep playing and producing cents by the hour spent in the game.

If they are to add this feature you listed,the missions would be completed instantly.
That means less time spent by the players = less money earned by the hour.
Plus,it would make the autobot completely and utterly useless!
Of course this will never get implemented.

So that means 24 per day.
While they sleep,people would keep their devices open with the script active,so it farms 24/7.Sounds good?
Hell no!

Let me explain you something about "scripts"
This “button” don’t change anything about scripts. They are super easy to make and the only reason I won’t show you how is that I don’t want ban.

Mate.I never asked you to show me anything about the scripts.
All I said that some would leave it open all night.And that ain’t fair.

Yes but I wanted to explain you that I can do EXACTLY SAME THING now. I can set up clicker so it will take rewards and start new mission. It is not a problem.

you’re literally just admitting that you only want this feature so that you can abuse it even more than you are now with your scripts

Actually,that’s right…

I’ll get back to topic.
This thing won’t get implemented…It that would have been the case,we wouldn’t have the autobot.