New Campaign Fuel idea


So, here’s what I thought of. There is a game I play a lot, its called Battle Cats. It also has a fuel system, but there is a thing that I found really useful. If you leave the mission before 10 seconds, then your fuel will not be used. I thought the same for super mechs because for one. I always forget to equip a specific item for a particular mission.
Now. Goods and Bads.


You would be able to scout the mission area first to see what it looks like.
Be able to switch weapons without having to waste fuel.


People could abuse it so they can get free money when they receive the “defeat” screen.

Now to fix the bad part, if you were to do it before 10 seconds, then you won’t get the small amount of gold.
Like this Idea or No?

  • Its a good idea.
  • No this idea is as bad as the item trading thing.

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I do not vote yes or no


I decided against it because if there is a way to regain fuel if you quit in time then those guys who hacked the game will definitely find a way to hack that, too.
For example if they come up with a way to meddle with the 10 seconds coundown and increase the time to several minutes then they could play the mission and finish it before the countdown runs out.
So they could run missions for free infinitely.


Well its your opinion.

Besides most of my ideas are suckish these days. At least my artwork for the contest is doing well.


It’s a great idea. If no one gets any gold for quitting then I don’t see the reason it’s bad! Hackers cant always hack everything you know


They are probably using some program,not hacking by themselves tho


I see what you mean yeah, true… but how will they program something to give them gold for quitting? It’s not like Raids where they hacked to get no damage or to heal at the end or something


Cough cough CHEAT ENGINE cough cough


I have never used that before

What’s it do?


Infinite opportunities fam


They can do that anyways


Fuel’s are fuel’s…

leave them