New Box [Voting]

Tacticsoft Colors are only orange to black. Why not Color Box? Cost 10 Tokens and get 5 random colors.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Add it
  • Stupid idea
  • Add it but cost will chose Tacticsoft

@GDashIO Color kits will be be added back “soon”. They used to be in the game, but were removed. Then again it has been months since they were removed and they are still not back. When you go to shop it has five options. Maybe color kits will be the sixth. The game removed things like HP kits and cooling kits that you could use in battle. Color kits were removed with these items by mistake.


“soon soon soon soon soon”

Mohadib told me they will come back along with the “economy update”.

This better be true.


Just wait …till next update :smile:


Color kits is a rope with Tacticsoft catching players :grin:


Should be pretty lit

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Devastator i didnt know about the colors will be added Thanks for telling it me :slight_smile:


Colors are already there.
Just close your eyes real tight…
Think of the color you want…
Then when you open them voila the colors you want will be there…

At least for a few seconds till your eyes normalize…
Then you remember those words “they’ll be back in next update”. sooner or later anyway…
So just use the close your eyes method, it’s always there. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Color Box Is Not Really Needed!

Color Kits Are Needed of course!

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Nice one.