New BattleDawn Forum & Server


Hello Commanders!

As with all good things, our time on this forum as BattleDawn players is coming to an end.

But, our time on forums isn’t! We’re migrating from Tacticsoft’s forums to GatoGames forums (, please do join us there.

Over the next few days to weeks you can expect the current BD forum here on Tacticsoft to be archived.

In other news, the server migration is done. :slight_smile: Hope we won’t miss the maintenance tick too much!

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now this is epic.


GatoGames bought BattleDawn right?


Correct :slight_smile:



Will miss you guys, bye …

Altho i never came to the BD side, the mods often entered the SM side to solve stuff and i saw them on Offtopic secion too

Btw BD mods like Elcent, Alexander, Malicewolf will not be here too ?


Wish you guys all best :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

It’ll depend on the mods and situation, personally I’ve already mostly left back when I stopped doing community management for SuperMechs and began doing product management for Battle dawn.


I hope i dont go off topic but i need to ask this :slight_smile:
1.Will it still be possible to get supermechs tokens by playing battledawn?
2.How you actually do it?
3.How much one era last?



What do you mean?

Some weeks to some months, depends on the world and competition!


I just asked because i started playing BattleDawn few weeks ago (fun game i must say) and i just wanted to be sure will that what i asked change :slight_smile:


So …

  • log in with SM data at BD will be not possible anymore :question:

  • old forum log in will stay :question:

… I am worried a bit, because I know old-forum was also pretty much BD connected :exclamation:


P.S.: wish you BD staff and BD players a good start into the new area of BattleDawn :exclamation:



I’ll try to play bd on my summer break, time to see how much i’ll get rekt there


I would love to play again, but I need my twin brothers help…unfortunately it seems I am no longer to plant with him anymore


Cya Tacticsoft, its been okay I guess?


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Goodbye forever! @Shibu885 lets go bud





You can still use BD’s old forum, but now you mention it, SM’s is on the old server of BD. I’ll ask the SM team what they want to do there.

If you need an archive, feel free to use freely.

We’ve removed most SM accounts from our system, but not any that at any point played BD or had anything in BD.

— ——————————

Also, the new forum is cozy as hell, incase any BD player hasnt joined us there yet. :slight_smile: