New battle category idea


basically it’s madao’s idea, i’ve just explained how i imagine

team 1 [ player A, player B, player C]
team 2 [player D, player E player F]

battle starts…
A vs D
—other player are watching battle and waiting

during battle
player A and player D can send requests to their teammates about change mech, teammates who are waiting can do it also, send request to active player.
It’s like normal 3 vs 3 but there are 3 player vs 3 player

— So in a clan will be 8 team (8x3=24) and than will be real clan wars :sunglasses:

please vote if you like it :kissing_heart:

  • i like it
  • i don’t like it

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hm I remember offering such a game mode (4 or 6 players in battle total) slightly earlier. Yes it should be as good or even better than classic 3v3

main problem is that currently best mech are autonomous battle units, there is hardly a way allied mechs can cooperate with each other in anyway other than “I will damage enemies as much as possible, when I doe you continue to do the same”. So, it will be really hard to show any teamwork here.

other possible mode is quad duel. At one field there 4 mechs at once, 2 from each team. Obviously it will be slightly harder to implement than classic 1v1, however, not only it will be twice as fun, it will allow people to show their capability to teamwork