New and Old Suggestions


I am appreciating the new update, and the new forum (which is new to me). As with everything new, old things shall be addressed. The things I would like to target would be the Battle Score system , current battle simulations, and an era with no boosting (<groannnn< but hear me out)

  1. Firstly, I am a big proponent of Battle Score. I liked the idea; it reinforced the idea of “skill” in BD, but it was too op. I remember one dude lost his whole army (most of it) and was still top 10. I think it just needs a tweak- maybe less points earned .
  2. Battle Simulation is kind of weird. What if they are mixed and you use a spy attack on only inf? It wouldn’t help you to Battle Sim since the other two chassis aren’t effected. Also, the loses are kind of weird when you are battling mixed chassis or all range. I had 30 squads go against 10, and i lost 111 armor units. I know it has been consistent like this, but it seems weird to lose that much with a proper build and an overwhelming force.
  3. Probably the most controversial topic… but I am going to put a twist on it. What if (if admins decide to make new servers) there is a server where you pay an entrance fee to cover the server costs and all the other costs, but the boost button is gone. I know it can’t be currently implemented , but it could probably be updated in in the near future.
    (on another note it would be cool if you could have an emblem in BD server that shows your best game(s) with the stats of them, kind of like in the old forums when you could generate your best era and show when you posted)
  • Yes, please reinforce the Battle System, but tweak it.
  • No, the system is a bad idea
  • Yes, make the Battle Simulation include options of 1 HP for each chassis and 50% for tanks/ veh.
  • Yes, make the Battle Simulation more customizable, which the ability to put how much HP each chassis has.
  • No, tweaking the Simulation is a bad idea.
  • Yes, make an era with an entrance fee and no boosting.
  • No, bad idea for a server.
  • Yes, make a callsign to be used in game
  • No callsign
  • Tweak idea (explain)

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-Sincerely Nightsnare


Battle system was removed because it was being FARMED…

And if it was to be reintroduced now… it would still be farmed sadly
tweaks would minimize the effect of farming , but it would still be farming :unamused:

Yes , Battle sim needs a good update.
When you cant sim infected Veh/tanks also cant sim over 999 units of 1 type :disappointed_relieved:

The non-boost server isnt what will bring population to bd
Have you seen the most popular games in the market?
Do they have non boost(no payment type) servers or games?


I Agree With the Change In Simulation
Its very hard to get a proper sim if youre fighting 10 v 10 with large amount of squads and spies
Also add something for units with xp simulation atleast R4 upgrade so we can make a worst possible scenario
As for non boosting era ,Its been discussed before,its a huge NO,And Believe me mate you can kill boosters with a lot of activity and if you know the game enough,The system gives non booster just a slight bonus, You can cover it up if you try hard,without boosters there might not even be enough competion ,so go fight them, :grin:


psh, silly noobies! There’s always a very work intensive way to figure out your simulation yourself! :sob:

Infantry spied is no doubt the easiest. Spy will make all inf 1hp. The only thing you need to do here is figure out the 1 round ramifications of a 1hp inf army vs. yours. Put in the new results and don’t bother putting the inf back in into the simulation with the new numbers (assuming you win that part…). However, if you spy too far in advance, then you have to add back hp… which can only be done via calculating yourself. Best way, add up how much dmg you do to inf with your conc and just add up total hit points left. Hopefully if you bothered to do a spy… it’s enough to ensure your getting some benefits from it and you’ll likely kill all the inf in 1 round.

Vehicle and tanks are a bit harder as you have to calculate total leftover hp for these units and subtract the dmg based on chassis. By no means fun, but can be done fairly quickly with some practice.

Would be nice if they made a more indepth simulator. I’ve made a few on excel before. Hardest part to get right though is always the R4 and R5 units :sob:


Battle simulator shouldn’t be limited to 1000 units and also XP should be factored in. Also possibly introducing a way to automatically insert battle reports into sims to make it less of a chore XD


this good to customizable!


Some of us are able to calculate that pretty accurately. Get with the times