New admins apparently


So apparently we have some new CM’s atm- @Berserk40000 and @Smirk while Sarah is gone on a hiatus

How do you guys plan on managing this deranged community of very angry people ?:wink:


insert angery meme here


Just making sure these admins are prepared for the firestorm that is this place


Let’s put the new guys to the test!!!


But what test? Maybe a flame war? Actually no, that will be the final test. Do you have any ideas?


Spam off topic stuff in the normal Super Mechs General Page


Sure,and i’ll might get suspended again lmao.


no legends in portal and no legends in rank5 reward but are anyone left for riot?


So, they have not reply, yet… :thinking:


Anything that is related to CHAOS!



Huzzzbhfingerhedgtezd I have already prepared something.