New action point


before you say no lets jump to why i get this idea:i look to the arena then i think if had a 3rd action point is op but we need a good price like 700 tokens yes is expensive but is a price idea acessible to everyone at some point then you get a more 1 action for acting and 1 more action after shutdown after this update heat capacity,cooling and heat damage will be buffed you buy and find only opponents with 3rd action you need be rank 11 in arena to buy


in case you understand nothing i will explain add a 3rd action with 700 tokens to buy buffing also your heat,cooling and heat damage only heat related stats except heat damage and rank 11 in arena to unlock


very good idea, and the price is worth it, but energy will become OP in 3 action points, so i suggest to nerf energies before adding this


Yay - 1/2 mech hp by any phys

  • This idea and it’s price are worth it, please add this
  • No, this idea sucks

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Eerm… So 700 tokens for an extra action point?
You will be unbeatable…




Horrible. Payers can just instantly buy this and triumph in arena. Battles are now even shorter. Strategy gone. Game ruined.


If you dont like it, explain it nicely. don’t you see that this player is new and you hurt his feeling?


He explained it


you miss that part i speaked that only others players with 3rd action point and rank 11 to buy to not being that op rank 7 should be enough


I believe in being straightforward. I will tell him if his idea is good or not. Additionally, I didnt say that he was horrible, I said his idea was horrible.


No matter the rank it will make battles worse


Yet you make a poll where one of the options is “No, this idea sucks”… practice what you preach my friend.


He explained it properly.
You can’tvreally say that in other words but,if you do,the message is the same.
I understand your concern about a new player,but sometimes being too nice is simply unnecessary.Especially when he posts an idea in order to have it criticized and maybe implemented (if having good agreement rate).


yes i agree with you @L4K3


Well,I tend to be blunt regarding things.
I think it’s better for everyone if we face it directly.

But don’t be discouraged,little fella.This was just an idea that you though it was good,but the veterans ofbthe game pretty much voted the contrary.No big deal;most of the idea threads end up like this,to be honest.

Whenever an idea pops up in your head,be sure to post it!I mean…This is why this category is for.It’s also fun debating over the given idea,like a planned group activity :laughing:

Best of luck,new recruit ;D


From what you write you

  • have problems with heat opponents and want an additional action during your round.
  • never met any of the high ranked energy or physical mechs that you meet usually start to meet in rank 5 and mostly meet in ranks 2 and 1.

But shutdown does not just take 2 actions it also cancels the drone’s attack and prevents energy mechs from draining the heat mech if he just regained a bit of energy and also prevents physicals from obliterating heat mechs as 1 physical weapon usually deals as much damage as 2 heat weapons together. So you cannot even out taking away this one single chance called “shutdown” that heat mechs have by just increasing their stats in any way.
The energy and physical mechs simply shred a heat mech with their damage if the heat mech does not force them into shutdown soon enough. Taking away that chance called “shutdown” would destroy heat mechs completely.

Also energy mechs would get 3 actions per round to drain an enemy.
That would be devastating even for phyical mechs as even if they pack energy modules they would be drained instantly.

Another issue comes with the Scopes.
With 2 actions per turn you “just” need make sure NOT to end your turn on one of the 2 outer most tiles.
But if there are 3 actions then the enemy can PUSH you by 1-3 tiles (some legacy item even 5 tiles), then go to 8 tiles away from your landing spot and fire their Scope.
Or worse you finish off the opponent’s first mech while ending your turn on one of the 2 outer most tiles.
The 2nd mech of the opponent wields 2 Scopes, goes to 8 tiles distance and now can fire BOTH Scopes at once.
Just check to see what 2 physical scopes do with that or 2 energy scopes do when you are about to be drained.

So no, this idea is the WORST you could ever think of in regards to game balance.


Just no. Why? P2W players will have more advantage above f2p players, and they already have much more advantages, so no.


Heh, y’all remember back in legacy where you ca have 3 action points in campaign?

Good times. But I always go for other boosts lol.