New Achievments


Following Nick’s recent suggestion re Kill count achievements, I decided to make this post to see what other achievements you would like to see implemented.

If you all comment what achievements YOU want added to the game, i will compile them all into a poll later on in the week.



Im all in favour of kills being rewarded in some way during an era.


Awesome @Fei
Do you have any other ideas of different achievements I could add to a poll?


Maybe an achievement series like

Have a unit reaches Level 3
" Level 6 (R4)
" Level 9
" Level 12 (R5)

To get people to attack more things and spice it up


I think there should be an Outposts captured achievement, similar to how there’s a conquer achievement.

I’d also like to see some sort of achievement added to help “guide” players to upgrade their outposts to benefit their teams, but that would be harder to implement in a balanced way that couldn’t be too easily manipulated or abused.

(Quick Edit since Zealot just posted)
I agree with your suggestions too, I think having an R5 Unit could potentially be one of the new “highest tier” achievements. We’ve all been on winning teams with people who still didn’t understand how unit experience works, and it’s a valuable part of the game.


I love it!!! I will make a poll when we get around 6 or 7 suggestions


i think It must add Helpng newb Achiement


Add achievments 5000 units killed, 50000 units killed and 5million units killed


not realistic at all…


I have gotten 650million units killed lick boots


:stuck_out_tongue: But who would decide if you actually helped?


How about… An achievement for successfully defending an outpost

Or capturing your first resource outpost? etc


Win Your First Battle Acheivement
Win 50 Battles Acheivement
Plant Your First Agent Acheivement
Plant 10 Spies Acheivement
Boost 10 times acheivement

These are REAL acheivements hope therye implemented

Rather Than Units Killed,Battles won is much better,I know it will get abused by sending spams,But it will take time to do that too,and help noobs out

Also most acheivments are abused like dragons,units(arm) etc


Admin decide it :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, this would be hard to implement just because of how subjective it is. If you made it simple, like, messaging a newbie to help them learn, people would simply just send a single message, and it’d likely be completely unhelpful. If you make it something like, joining the AANC, then we’ll get an influx of unqualified players applying to be mentors for players that actually need mentors.

While an achievement for helping new players would be great incentive, we hope that the want to help new players learn and love the game itself would also be incentive enough! I fear putting an achievement onto this would only invite people who are simply achievement hunters to clog up the process.


I agree tbh. I feel like helping a new player should be a community movement, rather than an achievement.