New achievements?

Do they all remember the old achievements of SM?
Those who were from:
-to heat your enemy 50 times
-Defeat your enemy with 1250 energy damage

Over time they brought new ones, but they were not challenging enough as before. So in this idea it may be that it is not very dear, without more preambulas we start: 0.

Exact kill, this rarely happens so let’s put it like this.
Kill your enemy exactly 5 times / 1.-lvl - 10 tokens
Kill exactly your enemy 10 times / 2.-lvl - 25 tokens
Kill your enemy exactly 30 times / 3.-lvl - 30 tokens

Overheat !, as this happens several times let’s put it like this.
Superheat your enemy 10 times / 1.-lvl - 8,000 Gold
Overheat your enemy 25 times / 2.-lvl - 15,000 gold
Overheat your enemy 50 times / 3.-lvl - 35 tokens.

Shutdown !, this happens occasionally and poor to that happens to him.
Make your enemy turn off 5 times / 1.-lvl - 4.000 Gold
Make your enemy turn off 15 times / 2.-lvl - 20 tokens
Make your enemy turn off 30 times / 3.-lvl - 35 tokens

Energy break !, this is easy to get so.
Make your enemy have 1 energy pause / 1.-lvl - 2,000 Gold
Make your enemy have 5 energy pauses / 2.-lvl - 8,000 Gold
Make your enemy have 15 energy pauses / 3.-lvl - 15 tokens

Overkill, as this is a bit complex will be like this.
Overkill to your opponent 1 time / 1.-lvl - 8,000 Gold
Overkill to your opponent 5 times / 2.-lvl - 20,000
Overkill to your opponent 15 times / 3.-lvl - 50,000
(This is for advanced users of course)

Since I do not know more, it will stay like this xd

Rewards and other tips are accepted c:
Thank you for reading this topic. <3


Hi @Tomatiico !

Sorry that I have to “kill” your idea, but stop dreaming, they dont give “free” tokens or gold anymore !

That time has finished, @Liran did sometimes, new devs don’t !

The new ones only want take take take, never give !

^^ just a fact, not bad meant !



You’re right.
I can not say that it is not true because it is <3
Greetings boy or girl I do not know what you are, I’ve asked for a long time xd

I am a girl !

Michelle my name !


General suggestions:

  • Exact kill(s) are very rare, I would realistically set the reward at 100 reds for level 1, 250 reds for level 2, and 500 reds for lvl 3. Knowing that this is considered a lot by some, I wouldn’t bet any money on getting those numbers approved anytime soon…
  • Increase the amount of breaks required for Energy Break award (25, 50, and 100 possibly) & increase reward size.
  • Increase the amount of overkills required for Overkill award (15, 30, 60) & change last reward to reds.
  • Add a award for X amount of Ultra-kills. (200+ overkill damage)
    Just a quick “fact”, the chances of getting this through to TS and implementing it is almost nil but good luck anyways! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this is the truth will be update soon !

  1. Top Clan Reward = N/A
  2. Top Solo Player Reward= N/A
  3. Top Clan Medal= N/A
  4. Top Single Medal = N/A

Be happy!

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1.- 100 to be first, it’s a little expensive, knowing that Exact kill is hard to get 500 would be too much. You would have to play at least 20 times the full campaign with 3 stars to reach 200 or 250. You can lower it a little bit.

2.-Not bad, I sincerely like the amount of 25, 50 and 100 than mine xd: u

  1. Although this update ridiculed the damage, it would be very difficult to reach 60, unless you are the first and use CheatEngine and have Tokens and Gold infinite, there if.

4.-The ultrakill say that it is almost impossible to get and having to reach 200 overkill to reach a single achievement is ridiculous to be 125

Sorry for my suuuuuuuper bad english, i use the traductor xd

Sorry I think you’ve misunderstood me a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

  • For the Exact Kills:
    100 Tokens is the token reward amount for level 1 (5 Exact Kills)
    250 Tokens is the token reward amount for level 2 (10 Exact Kills)
    500 Tokens is the token reward amount for level 3 (30 Exact Kills)
    In this case I think you confused the reward with the requirement
  • For Ultra Kills:
    Ultra Kills are not that hard to do once you progress to mid-late game tier items
  • For CheatEngine:
    CheatEngine is 99% only viable on Singleplayer games, yes it is possible to change values on multiplayer games but requires time and skills in the program itself.

@ Me if you have any questions or if you need me to clear up something written :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I see it more clearly xd
For the Exact kill.
100 tokens for 5 exact kill ?! Honestly let me tell you that you are very bad. 25 tokens or 20 is fine, 250 tokens for 10 we know that exact kill is difficult to get but it is not to give us an exaggeration in the rewards and also for the 500. 35 or 50 Tokens for exact kill lvl 2 is fine … But 500 tokens only for 30 exact kill ?, is that even I think you do in joking xd with 70 or 100 tokens is enough. <3

For the Ultra-Kill
Yes, but being at a low or high level is still difficult to get one to draw 250 or 350 … The reward for this would be about 2 epics and 1 legendary?

For the CheatEngine
Still, even singleplayer, it would be too easy to get items and improve them … Think, an X person of a range 20 uses CE and uses it in the campaign, if he were to complete the campaign and with the 3 stars would be earning enough for his low level, but the tokens and gold that would win would be a stupid, would reach of rank 20 to 5 without nungún problem. <3

Think about it, good night.

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eGril :yum:

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Wow, just wow. Hi Michelle, pleased to know your name! Now, as a gentleman, I will assume a totally different attitude to what you say or do… And I am Chris, BTW…

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LOL, a series of out-comings! Bring it on, guys!

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Soon in 2019 finale season

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