New Achievements for Rank


Very disappointed to receive a box full of 3 grey poops when I got 6 star R1.

Maybe new achievements to be introduced:

Reach rank 4: Premium Box
Reach Rank 3: Premium Box
Reach Rank 2: Premium Box
Reach Rank 1: Premium Pack
Reach Rank 1 6 stars: 1000 tokens

Please TS, we work hard at this game, and arena needs more players. This once off incentive will boost arena popularity and cost you nothing.

For players to reach R1, they have most likely already spent money. Learn to be more rewarding to top players at least. The introduction of new achievements is long overdue anyways.



1 box for r1 - maximum


To reach the penultimate rank deserves the penultimate prize I think. Besides, these are once off achievements, and it takes a helluva lot to get there.

The other thing is that the arena needs a bigger active population. Incentivising arena activity will help boost the low population and alleviate the gruesome waiting times.


1.This will just benefit the Topers, for whom R1 full stars is easy.
Will create a huge gap between them and the rest.
2. The problem with low population in the Arena is due to several cumulative factors:
2.1 Game imbalace between types of builds. With favorism towards Energy.
2.2 Unobtabium made items : myth plates and protectors beeing the norm.
2.3 High concentration of cheats and exploiters.
3. Altho we need new achivements and a better reward sistem, overdoing it will not solve the actual problems.


I think he intended those as one time achievements and not one per leagues.


if that is the case, i find it as a valid point, if they are rewards for achiving those ranks, only once.


Yes, once off achievements like beating Big Boy etc.


that idea would be ok but get better stuff for people in ranks5-9


Perfect, they can be added.
Altho will be taken within one day, by the tops.
Maybe we should go for something more challenging… like number of wins in the arena?.
I meen like keep those, but also add achivements for bigger wins…hmm
Maybe make it something like, hmm 300 wins/league you get like 100 tokens? similar to clan boxes?
But not make them unobtainable, with 1000 wins/league, its a game not a job tho.


Make rank 0 it’d be good for people who have no life


Don’t be judgemental dude. Many committed gamers have lives, and maybe playing games is what they WANT to do, rather than fishing, or drinking at a bar, etc. etc.

I play this game more than I should, because I WANT TO.

Ironically, no lifers are people who go on forums to troll because they have nothing better to do.