**NEW** 2v2 Campaign


i meant 3 runs in insane for ramboy. I also did complete all 3 stars for all available missions…


2v2 extended campaign?
I think this is actually a great update.

Even so,did you really have to bound Windigo to black like that?
And what else changed?


And how about that “buy 5”-Silver Boxes, give now not anymore 15 cards, sometime only 11 :exclamation: :question:

An other “hidden” - not mentioned NERF :question:


That happened now so so so often, I am tiered of it :exclamation:




After completing a mission and returning to the campaign map, it places you as far to the right of the map as you’ve previously completed. It isn’t a big deal on the 2v2 b/c there is only one area available, but if I’m on 1v1 and grinding RB, then at completion, the screen goes all the way to Overlord’s Den, leaving me to scroll all the way back to the beginning before being able to access RB again.


Oh wow…now everyone has great sec mech…
Look’s like i need armory level’s soo i can be happy…
But yeah.Good job for finaly making something that everyone made happy.


Sound like they want avoid the Auto-Click-programs :exclamation:

That would be a good thing :exclamation:



Come on guys! They also fixed some potholes too, They sped up the mechs walking/running speed for us as well and there will be more that we have not found


I know it’s an off topic question but…
Can you add armory level’s at my acc?


Yes, apparently this is the biggest update …nerf the Silver boxes to HELL!

So unfair! They should rather improve silver boxes and delete the extra campaign. This game gets more and more cringy everyday.


Sometimes I feel like I have battered wife syndrome.


the mech is legacy… as anyone noticed that???


So all new portals will be on 2vs2 now? People that have only 1 mech(me) its getting kicked xD.

Looks like portal are going to be harder now.


Lol no.2v2 campaign is optional.


The Update Is Really Good!


Yeah this shits not funny no more. I have been seriously put off this game now. I just play bare essentials now. My addiction is broken. My spirit is broken to play. No more.

I rather copy the concept of the game and flaunt the idea to investors. Then come back here and get y’all when it’s developed and launched.

I promise I will listen, and I will reward your loyalty and patronage.

…Just know that the guy with 50 Titanium Plates and Multi Shields will be me.


When you finish the campaign and you’re 105T remember that you spent + 700T on the portal THE CLAW and did not give you anything, neither the item nor decent elements. just did not give you anything.

curious detail

the box of the campaign is a “GOLD BOX” a LEGACY element, therefore it should be removed or changed by a “PREMIUM BOX” .


yay more tokens tokens


also i thought it was going to be 2 mechs at the same time


Im just surprised that the second chapter is closed since TS could make more money with the refills.


What is so bad at the new campaign? Why should it be deleted? Is completely optional, you don’t have to care about it! Is the problem because more players will play now? IS IT?