**NEW** 2v2 Campaign


ya, making it possible to choose between 1v1 mode and 2v2 mode, it is OP update!!

And there some new token for us :stuck_out_tongue:


Why tf does everyone complain for every single update put out? This is good, be happy!


Is there a story to this one

We need that supermechs lore when we destroy ramboy


What? Thats not ramboy! Thats cybergoat!
Glitch, or on purpose?


Dunno… Tran says it’s an unfinished update so maybe they will add it in later


@Sarah247 Just some questions
-For boss missions, do fortune boxes have a higher chance of dropping in the 2v2 campaign than in the 1v1 campaign?
Are drop rates in general increased for better rewards then in the old campaign?
It is 14 days until chapter two unlocked, how long until all the chapters are available?


It takes longer. It costs more fuel. Drops are the same low-level stuff. If you’re level 150, the experience is meaningless. Beyond getting a few tokens for the first run through, what is the point? It is less efficient than the RB grinding that everyone has been stuck doing for an eternity. How exactly is this an update? You could have just given everyone a box of tokens as an apology for the many things about this game that are stale and/or broken.


At the end premium box only give me 2 common items…!!


@Sarah247 hello, first feedbacks:

-over whole great update, the community was waiting for something like this since some time. Pretty nicely welcomed i think.

-need to see the other area’s drop/gold/difficulty ratios to be more precise. Time will say

-missions cost double fuels and get you double gold reward. on another hand a single box. That would be better to align everything; or everything double, or everything single. Doesnt look very logical here.

-in mission items/loot boxes. they do drop as in the regular campaign, a box an item. The available missions arent very difficult, so its ok. But as we are now campaign 2v2, the need for campaign loot boxes will also be double. İmagine facing 2 bigboys (after all the doubled minions) with the same amount of loot boxes than in 1v1 campaign… Will be more than hairy

-finally, i would have expect the XP level to be buffed; maybe level 250; that would have make sense with this update. Most of the guys are level 150 since long time so double XP isnt very interesting

Over whole good update.


Rewards are very very poor… Only common and rare items. No epics nor legends


Hi @Wepwawet, to assess this correctly we will need to see the harder missions.
We cant expect too much from easy first missions can we?
İ got a legendary l-m from my first insane boss mission (anguish drone). Gives pretty much hope as for what we can expect from Bigboy dont you think?


No. It’s no right that gold box give 2 common items. Gold box even give epics or legend.


An easy fix to the boosts would be to make them apply to both mechs instead of just one


I really think you are expecting too much here…


Something is wrong here. You got 1 legend. I only got common and rare items.


the gold box from camp is a mix box…

collect it with a full inv , ull see its mix box lmao


No disrespect, but i think you are starting to be a little paranoid here. The thing is in place since this morning. I made 3 runs (one with the box i mentioned and 2 with no box at all), you probably made the same quantity and you are already saying “there is something wrong here, my account is rigged, i should have get a plat plate”.
Come on Wep take it easy. I am saying that for you actually.


Holly crap…now finaly something good comes out


I got nothing too… It’s fine


3 missions?? I done all complete. Normal hard and insane. Complete.