**NEW** 2v2 Campaign


This is why @lordgorgon wished for them to increase the XP levels. Which they still haven’t.


Imagine Mission 6 Overlord’s Den. 19,200 gold :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Wait… it’ll be 14 fuel. F me


Mate… if its double fuel, total doesnt change


Yeah I realised a tad bit late


Lul, that a company 1vs1 but with doubled enemys


It was fixed at 15.

As I’ve explained, I dunno if it was intended to provide the maximum amount of items or if it was bad coded on their side. It may seem crazy to you but some bug are actually good for players, not every bug is a disadvantage. Also they don’t really need my permission to nerf, buff or change things since it’s their game and I don’t have power over their decision :sweat_smile:

I dunno why you are hating on this update, you have something new to do and it’s a good addition. I also like that they gave us only the first stage, so we have something to looking forward to and there’s no need to rush till the end of the new campaign and then being at the same point as before, with the same amount of things to do over and over.

I personally enjoy the game way more than a couple of months ago and I think the majority of last updates were well designed and an improvement to our game experience.


I have a lelve 150 account and a level 50 account. The level 150 gave me more items than the 50, but now the level 150 gives the same amount of items as my level 50.


Edit: I’m also getting A TON of power kits.
I’ve bought five or six x5 package till now, I got something like 5 and 7 power kits in everyone I’ve bought.

I’ve asked a lil around and I’ve got the same feedback, this is something that has been changed for sure. @Sarah247?


Good campain update!! I like it.

But I can’t make pvp matches now e.e


You can still do pvp,but you can’t choose mechs


@SeanChoi1870 can select his mech.

He hasn’t touched the new campaign because he wants to do it tomorrow when he has more time. I think that is the reason


What?he can?tell me his secrets…


Now I can pvp again :open_mouth:



Just got legendary anguish from ramboy insane. No joke this time



This looks promising for drops


Nope. Regular boxe. Indeed promessing


Oh, this blows the door wide open


Well, well, well…


And this makes me curious. :thinking:
a snipp


Man, pretty happy about this - sure, it may be pretty similar to old campaign, but this is a good idea pretty much no matter how we look at it. I’m glad to see an update I can agree with! :smile: