**NEW** 2v2 Campaign


lol didnt notice


Bug with new update :

Ladder Battles … I could NOT choose my 2 mechs anymore :exclamation:



im playing on ingognito rn , how can i get to 4.9k? The normal browswer is stuck on 4.8k.

How can i fix this?


13 days til the next part because as usual


God I honestly heavily dislike TS

@Sarah247 can we get an achievement reset for this? or new ones, would be nice.


Let’s hope they no leave 1v1 campaign, as they made at PvP :frowning:
Let’s hope they add a section allowing us to select 1v1 or 2v2 campaign ( with higher item/money drop rate if u choose 2v2 section)


Or pack sale or anything pack related for now


XP buff would be nice


it’s double xp for 2v2 camp tho, double fuel use as well.


İ meant, XP level buffed to 300 for example


OH max lvl, I wish. I miss my free refuels :frowning:


Same chest here



I got 2 greys lol


two commons from missions prempack box?:eyes:

not too generous, my stingy friends from SM :face_with_monocle:


On a side note, buying x5 silver boxes (32.5K package) no longer guarantee 15 items.


I think its a pretty nice update and why are you so angry thats the next chapter won’t be released until the end of the month? I mean thats what it will keep you interested to log in two weeks from now.

My problem is that when I try to farm ramboy, after every mission its jumps back to big boys den and I have to scroll back to ramboy again.


iOS version has now become available.


So they ninja nerfed shit again.

SOLID UPDATE TS you guys continue to screw over and over. Like drops are shit enough, stop making them even worse.


I dunno tho, may have been a bug since a single silver box doesn’t guarantee you 3 items but it’s 2 or 3; I have no clue if they designed the x5 package to provide always the maximum amount of items (15) or if it was a bug that got fixed and now you can get something between 10 and 15 items.

@Sarah247 is the only one who can answer this question tho!


@Transcendant You were right. it takes double fuel but gives us double gold. and a crap ton more xp

Which most of us here don’t need anymore


Prior to this, I could buy a hundred boxes and always get around 14-15 items. I really wouldn’t call that a bug since it went through other updates uncared for.

So this really is just another nerf to drops. Please don’t mistake it for a bug, because it really is just giving them freedom to nerf things further into the ground.