**NEW** 2v2 Campaign



The team has just released a new update!
2v2 Campaigns :clap::clap::clap::clap:
A lot of you have been asking for more campaign levels so here you go :slight_smile:
The team will be releasing more zones in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

*** if you are not seeing the new update make sure you are playing on version 4900.

Good luck!


Thanks @Sarah247, @Mohadib , and team,

that is a great update.



Wait! What? "Chapter 2 unlocks in 14 days???"
Still good i guess.


could adress people’s concerns with this mysterious flagging thing and its possible connections to some players getting zero claws while paying thousands of tokens while others got 2 without a single refil.

but why bother right? that would be difficult.

wow, bitchin’ new feature sara! keep kickin’ it.


I can see some issue with Android client in pvp 2x2 mode (updated version) …cant choose robots… I had to wait 30 sec before battle will start… so battle will start with default order of my robots (first 2)…
thnx for update


what about a 6v6 campaign? :wink:


When trying to log on to the game via iOS app, the app says it needs to be updated, but there is no update on the App Store.

Please advise.

@sarah @mohadib


Mobiles are usually later to come out for TS because main forcus is Website


why ramboys become black?

why boxes still sucks

why it unlock in 13d?
and who gives tacticsoft ideas?


Got a claw from the boss prem box

and a plat plate


LOL! So nobody can play SM on mobile for how long?

This is ridiculous!


I don’t know, I play on web


You deserve everything you get bro. I mean that.


ramboy is now undertaker lol


was trolling a little bro


I just got the update on Mobile (Andriod) but yes it is out of hands how long they take to give it out to our users.


Why does it say chapter unlocks in 14 days? what is this???


Chap will be accessible in 14 days… that’s all for the moment pilots


If you peak over , the 3rd location is open though


They probably need to design some more level layouts to release