New 2v2 campaign (Remnants from the Sky)


I “sort of” like this, but driving a mech with slightly over 1300 HP isn’t making the grade on the 6th mission. Seems you might need at LEAST 1500+ to get anywhere) :open_mouth:
Even with a second mech (that only has 700 HP) to “help” does no good.
The opponents seem to have higher rated HP mechs that do more damage than the previous campaign.
If anything, for “regular” players, it will be a challenge to lever through this.
Wonder if this is all a ploy to get everyone to develop those 2nd or 3rd mechs to take into the arena? :smirk:
Like to hear what you other pilots think on this.



…What is this?


Actually. If you are an energy mech, you can have less than 1500 hp and still beat it for a lot of reasons.

  1. Energy Mechs do a whole sht ton of damage.
  2. They can drain the energy of the oponent so they have less room to use any weapons.
  3. Most of the items in energy mechs are over powered and really light. Like that cancerous Valiant Sniper


Indeed,this campaign is harder.
I don’t want to imagine just how extremely hard the last mission on insane would be.
5k hp BigBoy?


2 5k hp BigBois


TS must adapt the campaign in two ways I’d say:

  1. Give us the option to change which mech goes first in a battle during the mission.
    –> Sometimes the second mech might be more effective to go first or maybe you’d want to save the damaged first mech for later.

  2. Those boost crates (random energy, heat or repair kit) must also be doubled!
    –> Each crate only affects 1 mech. But now we go on campaign with 2 mechs. So each crate is only half as effective. Especially repair kits only repair half of one mech which means they are now at most worth 1/4 of one’s total HP (of both mechs).


In my opinion, the alternate universe was made by ts to counter people who have finished all missions till insane mode, and practically begging for more missions .
So if all new people(including myself) find it tough to finish missions on Earth 2 (#reference), just go for earth 1 and do those .
If possible, once in a while come to Earth 2 and finish couple of missions by modifying your much.

Yours mechfully
Amatur Chotiya


As for 1: You can actually do this by selecting mech 2’s tab before fighting an enemy. So yeah :smile:

And 2: Gotta agree with you there…


People need to build a better mech, then go to the 2v2 campaign


That’s a good take on it. Makes sense.


I’ll probably never find out…LOL.


I REALLY like your number 2 idea…that might balance things out.


I don’t want to find out,actually…
Such tough minions for a first mission on Easy…
This is gonna be crazy,mate!


its kind of actually hard for me to


@Skiller-Legendary You have written campaign things in the past. Could you write some little backstory on this new campaign? I need something to entertain while I wait for chapter two of the 2v2 campaign…

Remnants From The Sky - The Story

Yeah, I also thought about making a story for this. I hope I’ll get an idea soon.


Keep in mind the name… it could be a remnant fleet?


I feel its good how it is. They designed it so that you have to be good enough to beat the first to get a chance at this and thats how it should be.


Heh…I’ve ONLY beaten the 1st campaign in easy mode. STILL working on HARD (about halfway there) and can’t even get close to upper levels on INSANE!:persevere:
But, it’s something to shoot for (and at…lol).


I have noticed, The 1v1 campaign RAMBOY and EXTEMINATOR have been removed, and all the bosses that are infront of them in Remnants of the Sky are moved back, that means :
DISCLAIMER This is just a theory, so please don’t go nuts on me now
1st boss is from Silent Waters
2nd boss is from Frozen Abyss
3rd boss is from Lost Valley maybe?
4th boss is from The Danger Zone maybe?
5th boss is from Overlords Den maybe?

And plus, that is just 5 bosses still, and there’s 7 maps in the campaign, so that means a NEW 6th and 7th boss? We will know soon… “But that’s just a theory, a SUPERMECHS THEORY!™©®”