Nevermind this post, it got too off-topic

I tried creating a mech that has insane amounts of HP and resistance, but no actual good weapons. I created this very silly heat mech to fight physical and energy mechs. Is it any good? Yes, this one unique mech that is probably not that good anyway

not gud

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Yeah I know it’s not supposed to be that good it’s supposed to be crazy

Too much hp, you’d overheat yourself with such low heat
Give me a min, i’ll make a better one trying to keep the layout similar
Edit : here you go

You’ll get toasted by energies so supercharge protector is not needed

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The worst mech ever lol.


Is this supposed to be good or bad cus it does not have very good heat or energy but it drains res like crazy. Anyway @Muhd_Boci, you’re phone or laptop needs charging.

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We’ve seen Boci have 1% charge on his phone lol, his charger is broken probably


Or maybe some phones are used so much they don’t have time to charge


Anyway do I type really fast

Don’t type this fast. Your keyboard may face @Destruction


My keyboard is built into my mac so If I destroy my keyboard I will destroy my mac as well

And how It’s just us posting

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That broken phone thing applies to you too lol
gtg brb


My mac’s still alive by alot

Anyway should I change this topic to “off topic?”

Why you nedda changi.