Never say goodbye


At first when I was still unsure who was the player behind the ‘II’ in game name on Mars 2, I was sad I was being kicked out of the top ten best of all time list but now that I know that it’s no other than Senatus, I’m glad and want to congratulate him on a job well done.
In this thread I’d like to post the same pictures I posted in a thread I’ve made in the old forums, with one final picture holding the red ribbon in hopes to get my spot in the list back one day with higher numbers, where I belong!

The final picture:

-George (Wounds of Sadness)


Poor Georgie, mabye you’ll get your BoAT ribbon back someday :disappointed:


Careful, if you carry on you won’t be able to get your head back out the door again.

Jesus, we get it, you had a BOAT ribbon…


why do people do that cringe thing of taking someone else’s name and putting “junior” at the end?


Ooooh its just a coincidence, of course


Kill all them BOATs :smiling_imp:
Forever the underdog!