Neutron torch DRONE

Ene/heat cost :0/50
Physical dmg: 265-385
Resist drain: 9
Range :6-9
Name : Neutron torch or Neutron Blaze.

  • Yes
  • No , tell why

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Please make it review it once @Silverbox @Sarah247 thx

20Engay cost

why not just 4 to 8 range?

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should be 4-8 range, no weapons have range 6-9. also should cost energy to make it balanced

Common it’s in the deadly range of val. And then you want there be not a single energy free drone.

well make it 60 heat cost then

50 = enough for a DRONE

its a cool idea but TS won’t add it

Yes they would I hope cuz they also added my couple of other ideas.

really? I will be very surprised if they do add it

That damage are too much for a no en gay drone

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The range is also pretty impressive as their is valliant out there.

All who pressed no but did not even care about the no option
they flew away

range 6 to 9, that would be useless

Who knows

I know a great build

show it,

im waiting …


pretty useless and unbalanced drone because:

  1. only 3 weapon on phys side with atleast +6 range ( yeallow beam ,desert thing and mighty, but all of them non energy free.)
  2. very high dmg for free energy drone

If it’s useless it can’t be unbalanced and if it is OP it cannot be useless