Net neutrality vote is done


FCC will repeal net neutrality , seems like we are all doomed folks


The vote was illegal. its not finished yet


Do moar research, please. I feel like everyone everywhere is making judgements over “facts” that are wrong.


net neutrality didn’t exist until 3 years ago. everything was fine. then Obama came up with net neutrality to give lobbying companies more power. companies that are mostly liberal. Google, Twitter, and Facebook have shown very strong censorship in the last 3 years and have been able to run rampant and get away with everything. they have been pushing propaganda and censoring people whose ideas they do not agree with. they haven’t been transparent about what is really going on. so, of course they were against net neutrality being repealed. before this, it was government controlling the internet. that allowed companies that lobby a lot and give a lot of money to people in the government to do anything. now the internet companies will have control of the internet, as they have had for years. Google and Twitter and Facebook have all been using the same propaganda about the internet being divided into packages to try to deter people from siding with the repeal of net neutrality. you don’t see any other pictures or propaganda besides this one or ones very similar to it:

but the thing is, where did that image come from? those very same companies that are trying to stop net neutrality from being repealed. there is no actual evidence that any of the internet companies have any plans to enact anything like that. those corporations are scared they wont be able to push their propoganda any further and wont be able to get away with everything. they are monopolies. Google is the only relevant search engine. Facebook has been getting more and more popular while other social media outlets fall. same story with Youtube dominating the online video sites. now they do not have ultimate power, and that scares them.

just my 2 cents on the issue.


ahh. CNN. the most trusted name in news. of course they are mad. the 3 large companies that are also sided with social justice warriors and the same political party are now in danger. they don’t have to have any facts to back up their claims. they just claim that the internet wont be open and fair anymore and that’s enough to get everyone riled up without actually doing any research.


as with most things, it’s a huge political game. democrats have a lot of power they were given by Obama under Net Neutrality. Republicans are trying to equal the playing field. and Democrats are…


Honestly, this is getting pathetic.


hmm? what exactly?


Pretty much everything.


Not my problem.As the country i live in is totally anti-Net neutrality


which country would that be?


Good that i live in eu and don’t have to deal with shit like that


Well, i live in the US and dont have to deal with shit like that, but i fo have to deal with stupid people that velieve that shit like that would happen.